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Dr. Imran Alsam is a dermatologist in Centreville, Virginia at U.S. Dermatology Partners. His services include acne, psoriasis, skin cancer, and more!

Dr. Imran Aslam is a dermatologist, specializing in medical adult dermatology, cosmetics, and skin cancer treatments, in Centreville and Sterling, Virginia.

Dr. Aslam is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He has presented at multiple conferences across the country and has authored book chapters as well as several research articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Aslam was accepted into the competitive, accelerated 6-year BS/MD program in which he obtained his undergraduate degree in two years from Kent State University with Summa Cum Laude honors and then went on to earn his medical degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University.  He completed his dermatology residency at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC where he served as Chief Resident. Dr. Aslam is very interested in global health and was awarded the Resident International Grant by the American Academy of Dermatology and worked in Botswana providing dermatological care.

Dr. Aslam’s interest in dermatology began early during his medical training when he realized how important skin is as a window into a patient’s health and wellbeing. He noticed that while many other medical problems like hypertension aren’t always evident when looking at someone, most skin issues are difficult to hide and can affect a person’s self-esteem. Dr. Aslam enjoys building relationships with patients and families and tailoring individualized treatment plans to their needs in order to achieve the best results.

Dr. Imran Aslam currently resides in Arlington, Virginia, and enjoys reading, traveling, and playing soccer in his free time.

Dr. Aslam practices at our Centreville, Virginia office and is accepting new patients.

Specialties and Affiliations
  • American Board of Dermatology
  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

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Dr. Imran Aslam
5 Stars  Dr Aslam was very pleasant and thorough. I would definitely recommend. –
Source : Google – Dec 04, 2020
Dr. Imran Aslam
5 Stars  Dr Aslam is a total pro and a great Doctor. Smart, accessible and a nice guy! –
Source : Google – Dec 04, 2020
Dr. Imran Aslam
3 Stars  The doctor was very professional and kind. On the other hand the lady who was assisting was not, and had a attitude with me which was off putting. She was offended because I said I didn’t receive the call from the pharmacy for the epiduo when I first saw them. She rolled her eyes saying “I do this everyday it’s routine for me I know I sent it in”. When I told her she had a attitude she scoffed at me and repeated how she knows she sent it in... this could’ve been handled by her in a more professional manner. Like how the doctor handled it when I told him I didn’t get it, he didn’t take it personally he just apologized for the miscommunication. –
Source : Google – Dec 03, 2020

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