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What is Allergy Patch Testing?

Allergy Patch Testing is used to diagnose any form of contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a condition of the skin that causes the skin to become inflamed when it comes in contact with certain allergens. A patch test will need to be done to determine the allergens affecting the skin.

Contact dermatitis is caused by having once come into contact with a certain substance that caused the body to weaken the body’s defensive systems toward that substance.

Inflamed and irritated skin is a sign of contact dermatitis. This may come on quickly after contact with the substance or could take hours.

A dermatologist will need to use patch testing to diagnose contact dermatitis. A patch test is performed by taping possible irritants to the upper back, waiting several days, and returning to your dermatologist to see the results. Also, another examination will be performed several days later to see if any reaction was delayed.

After patch testing has been concluded and a result has been received, a dermatologist will be able to pinpoint the source of the contact dermatitis. This should help the patient know how to avoid it to prevent further inflammation of the skin. If the irritant cannot always be avoided, moisturizers and steroid ointments, or antibiotics may be able to help.

The only way to prevent further contact dermatitis is to avoid the substance that irritates the skin.

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