General Dermatology


Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis nigricans, a condition that causes the skin to become discolored and thickened in the creases and folds of your body, is difficult to treat but can be managed.

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If you’ve struggled with moderate to severe acne, including cystic or nodular acne, you know that many common acne treatments aren’t effective for everyone. Fortunately, the physicians at U.S. Dermatology Partners commonly prescribe Accutane (isotretinoin) for the treatment of those patients with acne that is unresponsive to other therapeutic options.

Accutane (Isotretinoin) is an oral prescription medication used to treat moderate to severe acne, including cystic or nodular acne.

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Acne: Before and after portrait - FInding best acne treatment for you

Acne is a condition that affects the oil glands in your skin and occurs on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders.

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Alopecia Areata
Alopecia areata: View of a man's head with Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness, is a type of hair loss caused by the immune system attacking hair follicles.

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Athlete's Foot
Athletes foot: itchy dry skin affected by athletes foot

Athlete’s foot earned its name because this contagious fungal infection is commonly seen in athletes, who may wear sweaty socks for long period of activity.

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Cold Sores
Man with cold sore before treatment

Cold sores, which are also called fever blisters, are groups of blisters that appear on the lip and around the mouth.

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Doctor prepares to treat cyst on patient's back

Cysts are pockets of tissue (sacs) that may become filled with pus, fluids, skin cells, and even air.

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Woman brushing dandruff off shoulder

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp in which causes flaking and itching of the skin.

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Dermatitis is a common skin condition characterized by an itchy rash and inflamed skin. There are many different types of dermatitis and symptoms can range in severity from mild itching and redness to severe blistering and cracked skin.

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Eczema on a child's legs.

Eczema is a fairly common condition in which the skin becomes inflamed. It is also sometimes referred to as dermatitis and has many different types.

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Fungal Infections
Close-up of a big toe infected with toenail fungus.

A fungal infection is an inflammatory condition that is caused by fungus. They can appear in many parts of the body and include athlete’s foot, yeast infections, skin and nail infections and more.

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Hair Loss

Not all forms of hair loss are preventable, but there are ways to manage and treat thinning hair on your scalp and body.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Model getting treatment for Hidradentis suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is rare skin condition in which small, painful lumps develop under the skin, usually in areas where the skin rubs together (armpits, groin, between the buttocks, under the breasts, etc.) or in areas near hair follicles where many oil and sweat glands are present.

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Detail of skin with hives outbreak.

Hives are a red, raised, itchy skin rash that can be triggered by an allergic reaction, which causes the body to release a protein called histamine.

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Hyperhidrosis, often referred to as excessive sweating, occurs when people experience disproportionate and/or unnecessary sweat production.

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A lipoma is a common, non-cancerous, soft tissue growth just below the skin made up of fat cells. Though most lipomas are not a cause for concern, if the growth becomes too large, it may become painful and need medical attention.

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Melasma: skin pigmentation disorder

Melasma is a skin condition that creates the appearance of brown to gray-brown patches of skin, usually on the face.

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Milia is a skin condition that causes very small white or yellow-colored cysts to appear in clusters, usually on the eyelids, nose, cheeks, and chin.

Milia is a skin condition that causes very small white or yellow-colored cysts to appear in clusters, usually on the eyelids, nose, cheeks, and chin, but these bumps may also appear on other parts of the body.

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Benign mole on skin

Atypical moles are also known as dysplastic nevi. They are unusual-looking benign (noncancerous) moles.

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Molluscum Contagiosum
Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum is a contagious skin disease that appears as pink or flesh-colored bumps on the skin. It is caused by skin-to-skin contact as well as from sharing towels, clothing, or touching infected surfaces.

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Nail Fungal Infections

Fungal infections of the nails lead to white or yellowing nails that can be thick or brittle. If untreated, they can lead to permanent nail damage.

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Online Dermatologist
How Telemedicine Can Improve the Patient Experience

Connect an online-dermatologist from the comfort of your home. Begin seeing a dermatologist in less than 24 hours and get a treatment plan.

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Pediatric Dermatology
Pediatric dermatologist examining an infant.

Pediatric dermatology meets the special needs of children with such conditions as birthmarks, psoriasis, warts, eczema and other skin disorders.

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Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Photodynamic Therapy PDT

Photodynamic therapy, or PDT, is a medical treatment that uses a source to activate photosensitizing molecule to treat such conditions as acne and superficial skin cancers including actinic keratosis.

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Psoriasis on elbow.

Psoriasis is a disorder characterized by dry, scaly skin and is the result of the immune system producing skin cells too quickly.

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Ringworm on forearm.

Ringworm is not caused by worms; it is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It can be caused by touching another person who has the infection, or by sharing items that the person has been in contact – such as towels, bedding, chairs and clothes.

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Rosacea Treatment
Rosacea Treatmen on facial skin.

Rosacea is a fairly common skin condition that causes redness in your face. In some cases, it may also produce small, red, pus-filled bumps.

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Sebaceous Hyperplasia on skin

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a benign bump on the skin that forms as a result of over-productive oil glands.

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Shingles rash on abdomen.

Shingles is a painful skin rash caused by a virus that appears on a small area on one side of the face or body.

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Skin Tags
Dermatologist examines a skin tags of patient, close up.

Skin tags are small, soft skin growths that can occur anywhere on the body but are most common on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds and under the breasts.

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Sun Damage
Sun damage occurs over time after repeated or extended exposure to the sun.

Sun damage occurs over time after repeated or extended exposure to the sun. It accelerates the normal aging process as the sun’s ultraviolet light breaks down and damages the elastins in our skin.

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Sunscreen is a topical product that is used to reflect or absorb some of the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Sunscreen is a topical product that is used to reflect or absorb some of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Sunscreens are rated and labeled with a sun protection factor (SPF) that measures the fraction of sunburn-producing UV rays that reach the skin.

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Young woman with vitiligo.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which white patches of skin appear on different areas of the body. In addition to the skin, it can affect the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose as well as the eyes.

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Dermatologist examining a wart on a patient's foot.

Warts are benign, non-cancerous growths that appear on the skin as the result of a virus called human papillomavirus, or HPV.

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