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What Is Laser Vein Reduction?

Laser vein reduction uses light focused on a specific area to break up broken blood vessels. This allows them to be absorbed back into the body.  It is most often used for eliminating spider veins.

Vein laser treatment

Vein laser treatment breaks up broken blood vessels.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Laser Vein Reduction?

Laser vein elimination is a good option for people who are embarrassed by the appearance of the veins in their legs or on their face.  Laser therapy works best on small to medium-size blood vessels.

How Is Laser Vein Reduction Done?

During treatment, a handpiece is passed over the area of treatment, causing the blood vessels to coagulate and then be absorbed back into the body.

Are There Side Effects for Laser Vein Reduction?

You may experience some redness, bruising or blistering of the skin following a treatment, but that will go away in just a few weeks. While the normal downtime is only one or two days, you will need to protect the treated area from sun exposure until your skin has healed.

How Long Will Laser Vein Reduction Last?

Spider veins on female leg.

Spider veins can be treated with laser vein elimination.

Laser vein treatments often require more than one visit, and not all veins may respond to the initial treatment. Your doctor at U.S. Dermatology Partners can provide more information on what kind of results you can expect, and what other options might be helpful for you.

While this treatment can eliminate existing spider veins, new ones may appear over time and require additional treatments.

*Results may vary by individual

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