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When Centreville, VA area patients think about enhancing their facial appearance, one of the last aspects they think of is the eyebrows. The eyebrows help in framing the eyes, which are the “windows to the soul.” Many patients may feel as though their eyebrows are poorly shaped or sparse. Waxing and plucking can help patients who have excess hair, but what about patients with not enough? This is where cosmetic procedures such as microblading come into play.

What is microblading?

Microblading is essentially a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that is performed in a salon or dermatology office. At Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Dr. Neeraja Mattay and her staff provide this option for patients who are worried about the shape and thickness of their eyebrows and how it can affect their overall appearance. Our professionals find that microblading the eyebrows is cost effective and can provide a long-term solution to sparse eyebrows.

What are the benefits of microblading eyebrows?

Microblading is:

  • Comfortable
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Semi-permanent
  • Fast


What can I expect during my microblading treatment?

Before Centreville, VA area patients obtain microblading treatment, they need to speak to Dr. Neeraja Mattay about whether the procedure is right for them. Patients can book a consultation appointment during which they can discuss their cosmetic concerns with a professional and look at before and after photos to determine the look they want. Once patients have decided to move forward with microblading, treatment begins. Patients relax in the treatment chair right in the office while anesthetic is applied to the skin to ensure comfort. A specialized tattoo pen is used to create small strokes in the eyebrows to represent hair. This is done quickly and easily in our office.

There is a healing process during which the microblading color will fade, so your initial results may look darker than you intended. However, the color will settle, and the results will look natural. Some patients will need to have two treatments done to achieve the look they desire.

How long does microblading last?

Most patients will be able to enjoy the results of micro bladed eyebrows for approximately two years before any touchups will be needed We encourage patients to ask questions about the longevity of their results and to schedule a follow-up to ensure they can maintain their look. Microblading treatments are often followed up with special aftercare products such as barrier and soothing creams to help ease any discomfort patients may experience for a day or two after their appointment. We encourage patients who are undergoing microblading treatments to consider booking their appointments on a Friday so they can spend the weekend caring for their new look.

Who is a candidate for microblading?

Patients who want to fill in their eyebrows or who want to give their eyebrows better definition are welcome to book an appointment at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc. to discuss their options. Patients love the idea that they can enjoy a more defined look and thicker appearance without the need for daily brow pencils and other cosmetics. Instead, patients can wake up every day and put their best face forward without the use of makeup. This can be a lifechanging experience for women who have spent a lot of time over the years in rebuilding the look of their eyebrows every morning to look fabulous!

Aftercare from microblading

Patients are given barrier cream and soothing cream to use on the eyebrows for a few days following their procedure. Additionally, it is important for patients to avoid getting their eyebrows wet as this can reduce the definition. This should be done for approximately one week, so patients should take great care in not getting their face wet in the shower and use special cleansing wipes on the face to remove makeup instead of washing the face in the basin. When patients take great care of their eyebrows after microblading, they can enjoy the results for much longer as the coloring will not be easily removed.

What are the downsides of microblading?

There are no downsides or side effects of microblading that patients need to be aware of. In fact, many patients love the ability to thicken their eyebrows and provide better definition without having to apply cosmetics every day.

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Kybella offers facial contouring solutions to Centreville, VA, patients

For many years the only way to address extra fat on the chin, the infamous double chin, was with surgery, anesthesia, and incisions. However, now we can help patients get a defined, chiseled chin with Kybella, an injectable solution that has been newly approved by the FDA to treat submental fat. Kybella works by dissolving the stubborn fat housed under the chin that simply can’t be addressed with weight loss, creams, or toners. In clinical trials approximately 70 percent of patients noted both physical and emotional improvement following their treatments.

Kybella is made from a substance that’s found in the body called deoxycholic acid. When injected into fat cells it destroys them and leaves the skin on the face tighter and the jawline more defined. The injection only takes a few moments and can be done in our office. However, it may take up to six treatments over the course of six months, with 12 to 20 injections per visit. While it may sound like a lot of needles and pricking, we assure our patients that only a teaspoon of the substance is all it takes to see a noticeable difference.

Unlike other injectable treatments which only deliver results in a few days but those same results only last for up to six months, Kybella has a more gradual delivery but lasts for several years. The side effects of Kybella are similar to those of other injectable solutions. Patients should expect to see some inflammation and bruising, but it only lasts for a few days.

If you want to improve your appearance and get rid of the double chin effect forever, but don’t want to undergo surgery and the extended recovery time, call us today. With our team, we deliver the results you want in a kind and caring manner. Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia works with you to deliver subtle and natural results in a manner that best fits your lifestyle, your budget, and your timeline. Kybella can improve your appearance and give you the confidence you want and deserve.

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PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma

As we age, it is not just our bones, muscles and tendons that wear down over time. Our hair follicles can decrease or even deaden, preventing future hair growth for men and women. Genetics is the most common factor in alopecia, or baldness, but other influences such as diet, stress, medications, and pregnancy can be factors as well. For patients who find themselves concerned about their appearance due to hair loss, there are different cosmetic procedures used to stimulate growth. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is one such treatment.

Our blood is made up of red and white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. When you get a cut, your body sends a signal that activates the platelets. Proteins, or bioactive growth factors in platelets work together to coagulate and prevent further blood loss, and to stimulate regeneration of the affected area. It is this action that led the medical field to realize that they can also work in different medical applications, including PRP therapy foralopecia.

A small amount of blood is drawn in an office setting and then is placed in a sterile centrifuge. This centrifuge is where the blood is spun at such a speed that it separates the enriched platelet filled plasma from the rest of the blood. This plasma will have 3 to 5 times the amount of platelets usually present in a sample. After separation has occurred, the plasma is injected into the patient’s scalp using a syringe or micro-needling device. Patients will need a series of visits to achieveoptimal results.

This treatment requires no surgery, no anesthetics (unless requested by a patient), and is relatively risk-free because the blood injection is done with the patient’s own blood. This minimizes the chance of infection or rejection from the body. The patientcan leave our office right after the procedure is done. Since PRP is low maintenance, it can be used in conjunctionwith other alopecia treatments to promote the regrowth of haireven further.

Although there have not been many controlled studies done on PRP, and it is not yet a FDA-certified treatment for hair loss, more testimonials and evidence pours in everyday promoting PRP’s success. If you are looking for an alternative solution for hair loss, schedule an appointment today with our experienced and professional doctors to see if PRP may be the right treatment for you.

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Your skin can reveal your inner glow with personalized care from your Virginia dermatology team

Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia is a practice dedicated to providing extraordinary results for patients of all ages and skin types. We offer excellent dermatologic solutions for specific areas of concern, each of which may include the innovative technologies or nourishing ingredients to serve the needs of each person’s skin.

We cannot overstate the importance of the initial consultation for treatment planning. Patients of our Sterling and Centreville offices begin care in a meeting with our trained, experienced esthetician, whose focus is on performing an in-depth consultation and examination. Patients may also choose to incorporate VISIA imaging, which will enable us to identify concerns that have yet to reach the surface, where they are fully visible. From this essential first visit, our team can design a treatment plan based on your individual skin health needs.

Personalized care for specific concerns

Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia offers excellent services to address concerns such as:

  • Acne
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin cancer
  • Melasma
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Port wine stains and other birthmarks
  • Moles and growths
  • Warts
  • Loss of facial volume
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Broken capillaries

In-office services and daily solutions for your best skin

Patients of Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia benefit from personalized skin care plan that includes medical or cosmetic services in our office as well as guidance for home skin care. Our skin care programs are designed with the nourishing ingredients that individual patients need to keep their skin healthy and glowing. When used as directed, prescribed and recommended products make a wonderful supplement to professional dermatologic care.

We carry a line of fragrance free, gentle skin care products, as well as products from the reputable Obagi line. Whether your skin needs to be restored, replenished, stabilized, or maintained, we will create a one-of-a-kind program based on the findings of your initial consultation and ongoing skin care needs.

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Skin Peels

To gently, effectively treat the skin to much-needed TLC, a skin peel from the experienced esthetician at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia may be performed. Skin peels have been performed for decades by trained clinicians, benefitting a wide range of individuals. A skin peel is a customized treatment that can vary in strength from mild to deep, making it suitable to many different skin types and complexions. Whether you want to preserve the glow of youthful skin, promote skin health by banishing blemishes, or reduce the early signs of sun damage, our esthetician can design a peel to achieve your desired results.

Skin peels achieve gentle resurfacing by eliciting cellular turnover through a customized chemical solution. A number of skin concerns respond well to skin peel treatment designed to exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells. Each patient receives personalized care with a chemical solution formulated for their specific concerns and skin type. The variables of this treatment include the type of acid or acids used and the duration of treatment. Through the manipulation of these variables, the most beautiful results can be achieved.

  • Light chemical peels, called epidermal peels, are very mild and ideal for the early signs of aging, sun damage or acne. A light peel is so gentle that there are no lasting side effects like peeling or redness. Solutions for light skin peels may include gentle acids such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, or other mild ingredients.
  • The Mélanage peel is also gentle, designed to improve the tone and texture of skin affected by hyperpigmentation. This peel may be ideal for patients who wish to reduce melasma.
  • Medium depth chemical peels include other ingredients such as retinoic acid, resorcinol and trichloroacetic acid, resulting in more significant peeling and skin turnover.
  • Deeper peels such as high concentration TCA peels are more aggressive, delivering beautiful results on skin that shows more signs of sun damage and aging. A few days of flaking and redness is likely after a deep skin peel. After treatment, patients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure and follow post-treatment protocol as instructed by their clinician.

Skin peels are a wonderful way to pamper the skin and assure ongoing exfoliation. This type of treatment may be performed in our office at regular intervals, or may also be a part of your daily skin care routine. As a daily treatment, the mildest concentration of acid can be applied to the skin for consistent rejuvenation.

Skin Rejuvenation

The physicians at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia have been providing excellent medical and cosmetic dermatologic care to area residents for more than twenty years. Our team has grown right along with the many wonderful advances in dermatology, and we are proud to offer so many non-invasive treatments for the rejuvenation of the skin.

The care we provide to our patients could be described, first and foremost, as comprehensive. Even when the initial concern is cosmetic in nature, our physicians are dedicated to ensuring the skin is also health and that there are no underlying medical dermatology issues requiring treatment. We believe that our patients deserve this level of care, which also includes individualized treatments to accomplish their desired outcome in skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation, or anti-aging, is a huge concern for busy men and women today. Fortunately, several non-invasive treatments can renew the skin’s tone and texture. Our comprehensive list of services has something for each concern and each skin type.

Skin rejuvenation is a personal journey for each of our patients, which we help them navigate beginning with a thorough consultation visit. During our consultations, our experienced esthetician may perform advanced diagnostic imaging that will show us problems lurking beneath the surface. Getting to know our patient’s skin allows us to formulate the most effective treatment plan because it is based on their unique needs.

Dermatologic care for skin rejuvenation is balanced, focused not only on one area of concern, but on the face and body as a whole. A comprehensive plan may include esthetician services such as skin peels or microdermabrasion, two gentle options for mild skin resurfacing. Wrinkle-reducing treatments may also be a part of total rejuvenation. Our physicians perform injections with a great eye for detail, knowing the precise location and dose needed to achieve the desired result. Our offices in Sterling and Centreville are equipped with excellent laser devices that diminish many of the signs of aging and sun damage.

Finally, skin rejuvenation is about prevention. After treatments are performed, we encourage patients to maximize their beneficial impact by following a recommended skin care protocol that includes adequate sun protection, and cosmeceuticals with proven efficacy. When the skin is well cared for with suitable products, it is better able to retain its supple, smooth texture and vibrant glow.

Laser Therapy

Laser technology has been a significant advancement in modern society. Today, everything from listening to music to checking out at the grocery store may include a laser of some type. Technically, a laser is optically amplified light. This amplification of light focuses energy onto a very small area. In the field of dermatology, laser technology has significantly improved the way in which men and women can address various skin concerns, both medical and cosmetic in nature.

In recent years, innovative lasers have been designed to correct various skin conditions and improve skin tone and texture for a healthy glow. Different wavelengths of laser energy are used to achieve specific results. Each piece of laser technology used in our practice indicates our investment into our patients, something we are proud to do. The physicians at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia bring customized care to our patients with a variety of FDA-cleared laser and light treatments.

  • The Cutera XEO is an innovative medical laser that provides safe and effective hair removal for those with light or dark skin. This device includes longer wavelengths and a cooling hand piece for the greatest amount of comfort throughout treatments.
  • The LightSheer™ laser has also been developed specifically for permanent hair reduction. Its cooling tip has a mild anesthetic effect that improves comfort during treatment.
  • The Candela pulsed dye laser is effective in reducing redness due to rosacea, and it is used to treat port wine stains and other deeper blood vessels which consist of higher energies. The depth of laser penetration also induces collagen formation and rejuvenation of skin.
  • By using the Palomar system of optimized pulsed light, we help patients safely and effectively decrease the appearance broken capillaries and sun damage. The dual-band spectrum of this system has been proven to affect deeper vessels and pigment for better results.
  • Fractional laser treatments with the Palomar 1540 can greatly improve the look and feel of the skin on the face, neck, chest, hands, or other areas. This safe, effective treatment may be used to treat sun damage, pigmentation problems, acne and surgical scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.



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Dermal Fillers

Each person goes through the aging process in a way that is unique to him or her. We all, at some point, notice many of the same basic signs of age and sun damage, such as the loss of elasticity and fullness in the face. As volume is lost, the face can look gaunt, with hollows beneath the eyes increasing the look of age. This decrease in volume also sets the stage for fine lines and wrinkles to form or progress. However, we are no longer limited in how we handle the common concerns of aging or damaged skin. Your dermatologist can offer solutions that provide beautiful results in a way that is far less dramatic and invasive than cosmetic surgery.

Not everyone wants the immediate transformation of anti-aging treatments. In such cases, Sculptra is a wonderful dermal filler to reduce the signs of aging in a gradual, natural way. Sculptra has been used for years to correct folds and wrinkles naturally by replacing collagen that has been lost through the years. Different from conventional dermal fillers, Sculptra is designed to encourage the body to do what it naturally does. The increase in the production of collagen leads to lifting and thickening of the skin for a rejuvenated appearance. The signs of aging can be reduced naturally and gradually with Sculptra over the course of several months. Treatment sessions are convenient and take only a few minutes. We schedule sessions every few months until the desired result has been achieved. Many people treated with Sculptra enjoy results lasting as long as two years.


Another dermal filler that has become available in recent years is Belotero, an extremely versatile product that can be used in various areas of concern. With this filler, patients can reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, smoker’s lines, laugh lines, and more. The lips and cheeks, as well as the backs of hands, can be augmented to reveal a more youthful volume. Belotero, which is a nice complement to other anti-aging treatments like Botox or other fillers, is absorbed by natural tissues, where it can moisturize and add volume. The results achieved from a Belotero treatment are immediately visible, and can last up to nine months, after which touch-up treatments can preserve your most natural appearance.


Juvéderm, Restylane and Perlane

Dermal Fillers - Juvéderm, Restylane, and Perlane.The experienced dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia are committed to providing excellent medical and cosmetic dermatologic care. We are happy to help our patients address the various concerns that come with sun damage and age, while at the same time ensuring that the skin is healthy and nourished. With the wide variety of anti-aging treatments available in cosmetic dermatology today, we are able to help each of our patients achieve the rejuvenation they seek in the way most suited to their skin type and needs.

Juvéderm is actually a family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the same manufacturer. Within this family of products, we are able to fine tune treatment down to the smallest detail. Although dermal fillers are designed to replenish fullness to the face, not every product works in exactly the same way. Your board-certified dermatologist is familiar with the characteristics of the various fillers used today, which leads to the best possible results from each treatment.

Different Juvéderm products are designed to address signs of aging that occur due to the loss of volume. In our first years of life, our cheeks and faces are plump with a good amount of subcutaneous fat. Even as we grow older in childhood and through our teen years, our face thins out somewhat, as fat is lost. In adulthood, the decrease in substances like hyaluronic acid leads to further loss in facial volume. It is estimated that as much as a teaspoon of volume is lost with each passing year. This loss of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin, coupled with diminished laxity, is what leads to the formation of folds and wrinkles.

Fillers like Juvéderm, as well as Restylane and Perlane, have been successfully restoring volume for many years. Juvéderm fillers, as well as Restylane and Perlane, are injectables based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar compound produced in the body. This substance is necessary for joint and eye lubrication. It also is what helps our skin stay hydrated and supple due to its tendency to bind with water molecules.

Although all of these fillers contain hyaluronic acid, each may vary slightly in consistency, making it appropriate for specific areas of concern. Restylane is ideal for superficial lines. A Juvéderm or Perlane product may be used on deeper lines or folds such as those that develop between the nose and the mouth or the mouth and the chin. The latest development in the Juvéderm family is Voluma, a product specifically designed to restore volume in the cheeks, with results lasting up to two years.


Though we know Botox as a wonderful cosmetic option for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, its benefits were actually first discovered through medical uses. Botox is a neuromodulator, a medicine that weakens contractions when injected directly into the muscles. Originally, Botox was approved for the treatment of brow furrows, the lines between the brows referred to as “11s.” Today, there is a wider variety of cosmetic concerns effectively corrected with this powerful injectable.

At Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia Botox may be used to:

  • Reduce brow furrows
  • Decrease the appearance of lines across the forehead
  • Diminish crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes
  • Soften “smokers” lip lines
  • Lift the brows


Botox has been a popular choice among men and women who wish to restore a more youthful appearance quickly without cosmetic surgery. Today, injectables are offered in med spas and even in some dental offices. Our patients benefit from our extensive training and expertise. Our board-certified physicians have an in-depth familiarity with facial anatomy. They understand the overall effect that will come from injections into specific muscles. With this understanding, we are able to assure our patients that the right dosage of Botox will be delivered to the right muscle or group of muscles to achieve the most beautiful, natural result.

In their years of experience the team at Dermatology Associates have discovered how immensely valuable Botox can be as a solitary treatment. At the same time, Botox is also a wonderful companion to several other cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, skin peels, or microdermabrasion.

Treatment in our Centreville or Sterling office is completed within just a few minutes, allowing you to get back to your normal schedule without downtime. The full effects of treatment are typically visible within a few days, and will last approximately four months, at which time a touch-up treatment can be performed.



Botox Video

  • About CoolSculpting

About CoolSculpting

Redesign your shape with CoolSculpting

The team at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia have been helping men and women from Sterling, Centreville, and surrounding areas achieve healthier, more attractive skin. We are proud to extend our services into the area of aesthetic medicine with body sculpting treatments proven to eliminate stubborn fat.
Do you feel frustrated that your diet and exercise routine has not produced the results you seek? Are stubborn pockets of fat lingering in your hips, thighs, or midsection? Many people have this very experience. If you can relate, know that the lack of results is not indicative of the work you have put into health and fitness. The body simply works in a way that, for many, certain areas are very difficult to sculpt – until now.

Patients of Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia can say goodbye to unwanted fat in a straightforward procedure proven in clinical trials and practical application to reshape the body. CoolSculpting is the procedure that has been chosen by over 1 million men and women seeking better contours. An effective and extremely safe procedure, CoolSculpting reshapes the body using precise cool temperatures. No surgery, no anesthesia, no incisions, and no recovery! Just beautiful, natural results.

How CoolSculpting Works

Scientists have discovered that fat cells respond to certain very precise temperatures. Those behind the innovative CoolSculpting technique identified the freezing temperatures at which fat cells could be targeted for elimination. When fat cells are accurately cooled, they crystalize. Frozen fat cells are regarded by the body as damaged and are escorted out through natural elimination processes. Due to the natural way in which fat cells are treated, changes to the shape of the body will be seen over several weeks’ time.

Patients may choose to reshape various areas of the body with CoolSculpting treatment in our Centreville or Sterling office. The treatment has been approved for fat reduction on the flanks and abdomen and also the inner and outer thighs.

Hard work and healthy eating habits provide numerous benefits. When lifestyle alone fails to meet your complete need for body contouring, call the Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia for CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting Videos


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Results and patient experience may vary. In the U.S, non-invasive fat reduction is cleared only for the flank (love handle), abdomen, and thigh. In Taiwan, non-invasive fat reduction is cleared only for the flank (love handle) and abdomen. The CoolSculpting Procedure for non-invasive fat reduction is available worldwide. ZELTIQ, CoolSculpting, the CoolSculpting logo, and the Snowflake design are registered trademarks. Fear No Mirror is a trademark of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. © 2014. All rights reserved. IC1622-A