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What is a Permanent Cosmetics Treatment?

If you’ve ever awoken in the morning and wished you could skip over applying your cosmetics and just be ready to face the day looking your best, permanent cosmetics may be just what you’re looking for. From microblading eyebrows and eyeliner tattoos to lip blushing, permanent cosmetics are timesaving, confidence-boosting dermatologic solutions that allow people to confidently go through their days with perfectly applied makeup while saving the time, energy, and steady hand needed to apply flawless makeup looks. Keep reading to learn more about available permanent cosmetics treatments from U.S. Dermatology Partners or complete our simple online scheduling request to get started with permanent cosmetics.

Permanent Cosmetics Treatments | U.S. Dermatology Partners

What Is Permanent Cosmetics Treatment?

You may hear permanent cosmetics referred to as cosmetic tattoos, permanent makeup, micropigmentation, or other similar names. By any name, permanent cosmetics refers to essentially the same types of procedures – treatments that permanently apply makeup to the face. Just like traditional tattoos, these treatments involve placing pigment into the skin using a fine-gauge needle. While there are many different permanent cosmetic options, three of them are more popular than the others: microblading, lip blushing, and permanent eyeliner.

Lip Blushing

Permanent Cosmetics service pageIf you love the look of lipstick but hate the way it fades, rubs off, or stays on the rim of your drinking glass, lip blushing may be for you. This permanent lipstick can be customized to look like a subtle kiss of lip color or a full-on dramatic pout. In the early days of these types of treatments, people received permanent lip liner or other more obvious treatments. In its current form, this treatment is used to create a sheer tint of one color over the entire lip. This treatment can make lips appear fuller, reduce the appearance of lip lines, and leave you feeling more confident. It’s important to note that the lip blushing procedure can be more uncomfortable than other permanent makeup options, and because the skin on lips doesn’t hold pigment as well as other areas, it may require several treatment sessions and more frequent retreatment to achieve and maintain the desired appearance.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Cosmetics Service PageEyeliner is one of the easiest ways to create a dramatic change in appearance, but it can also be one of the most difficult cosmetics to apply. For this reason, permanent eyeliner is extremely popular.

There are several different options available, including lash line enhancement, which just darkens the natural lash line to make the eyes pop and lashes appear fuller. Permanent eyeliner can also be placed above the lash line to create a more dramatic change.


Permanent Cosmetics Service PageMicroblading, also called microshading or feathering, is the procedure that creates permanent eyebrow tattoos. Using a specialized application tool, pigment is placed beneath the skin to mimic the natural appearance of eyebrow hairs.

This treatment can be beneficial to fill in thinning eyebrows or provide a natural-looking brow for those who cannot grow eyebrow hair.

Who Is a Candidate for Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics Service PageIf you love the appearance of makeup and the confidence flawless cosmetics application gives you but never seem to have the time to apply your makeup properly, permanent cosmetics may be for you. While many people are interested in hassle-free cosmetics, this semi-permanent treatment isn’t right for everyone. Before you get started with permanent cosmetics, remember that whatever cosmetics you choose, you are making a long-term decision that will continue to impact your appearance. If you’ve ever said, “I would never get a tattoo,” permanent makeup may not be for you since this treatment is essentially receiving a facial tattoo. Because of the long-lasting results, permanent makeup may not be the right option for younger people. As we age, our facial shape can change, which may impact the way that permanent cosmetics look over the long term. Finally, those with very oily skin or enlarged pores may not be good candidates for permanent makeup, especially treatments like eyebrow tattoos that require fine detail work.

Keeping the permanence of this treatment in mind, some reasons people choose to move forward with permanent makeup include:

How Does Permanent Cosmetics Treatment Work?

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Permanent cosmetics treatments are performed using iron oxide pens that create tattoos on the skin. Your aesthetic provider will apply the tattoo to create the appearance of eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrows, or other cosmetic options as determined during your consultation. Treatment may be completed in one visit or over the course of several sessions, depending on the sensitivity and size of the treatment area as well as skin type and other factors that impact the ability of the skin to accept pigment. While permanent makeup will take a long time to fade, it does eventually need to be touched up to maintain the appearance.

Are There Side Effects to Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics Service PageFor treatments like permanent makeup that involve needles, infection is always a risk. In most cases, infection occurs due to reused or improperly sanitized needles. That’s why it’s important to receive permanent cosmetics treatment from a professional aesthetic provider at a dermatology office rather than through a medi-spa or other less reputable provider. Additionally, some people have allergic reactions to tattoo ink. This reaction causes skin inflammation that can lead to irregular scar tissue called keloids developing. For some people, this reaction only occurs with specific colors of ink, so even if you’ve had no issues with tattooing in the past, you may have an adverse response to a color in your permanent cosmetics. To avoid negative effects, your aesthetic provider may recommend applying permanent cosmetics to a test area before proceeding with the complete treatment.

Following eyebrow microblading or permanent eyeliner application, people may experience side effects related to the eyes. Injuries to the eyelid and loss of eyelashes are the most common. Less often, ectropion may occur. This is a condition that causes the eyelid to turn out away from the eyeball. Finally, if an MRI scan is necessary for an area treated with permanent cosmetics, patients may experience burning or swelling. The tattoos may also interfere with the quality of MRI scans.

The most common side effects of permanent cosmetics occur immediately after treatment and typically clear up within a few days to a week and include:

To reduce side effects and promote healing, consider incorporating ALASTIN skincare products into your daily routine following treatment. These skincare products are formulated specifically with post-procedure skin healing in mind. Specifically, ALASTIN Skincare Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology is a great option to promote skin health.

How Long Will Results from Permanent Cosmetics Last?

Permanent Cosmetics Service PageAs the name implies, permanent cosmetics are permanent, or they are close to permanent. The coloring will fade with time, but it rarely disappears completely. Depending on the treatment, the results can last five to ten years or longer before they begin fading. Removing permanent cosmetics, like traditional tattoos, can be painful, time-consuming, and expensive. With that in mind, remember that facial shapes and contours do change over time, especially for younger people. For this reason, it may not be a good idea to invest in permanent cosmetics before your facial features have fully matured. Additionally, before investing in a more dramatic permanent makeup solution, it’s important to remember that styles change. The makeup looks that are in fashion now may fade away long before your permanent makeup. If you’re curious, talk to a knowledgeable aesthetic provider about your options and the long-term impact of this lasting dermatologic treatment.

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