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What Is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is a way to remove unwanted tattoos using lasers to break down the ink particles in the design. The broken-down ink is then flushed out by the immune system, and it mimics the natural fading that would have happened over time or with exposure to the sun. Since no tattoo removal is guaranteed, it is important to speak with a professional to get an honest evaluation of what your final results will look like.

Tattoo removal will take more than one visit, depending on the size and color of your tattoo. It may take as few as two visits, or it may take 10 or more.

Laser tattoo removal before and after.

Laser tattoo removal makes the tattoo invisible.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Tattoo Removal?

The ideal candidate is someone with fair skin and a dark but not heavy tattoo. It also helps if you are in optimal health, don’t smoke, eat a well-balanced diet and lead an active lifestyle.

Tattoo removal can be done on darker skin types, but some change in the color of the skin may occur.

How Is Tattoo Removal Performed?

Removing tattoo on arm of a young woman by medical laser.

During treatment, your doctor will place a handpiece against your skin, then activate the laser light. The laser delivers pulses of energy, which can feel like having a rubber band snapped against your skin.

The smaller the tattoo, the fewer pulses will be required. With each treatment, the tattoo becomes progressively lighter.

Ask your doctor at U.S. Dermatology Partners what would work best for your tattoo treatment.

Are There Side Effects to Tattoo Removal?

Side effects are minimal, but tattoo removal comes with a risk of infection at the site of the tattoo. You also may run a risk of scarring or experiencing changes in the pigment, including having the treated area turn lighter or darker.

Will Tattoo Removal Last?

If the tattoo removal is successful, it will be permanent.

*Results may vary by individual

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