Juvéderm, Restylane and Perlane

Dermal Fillers - Juvéderm, Restylane, and Perlane.The experienced dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia are committed to providing excellent medical and cosmetic dermatologic care. We are happy to help our patients address the various concerns that come with sun damage and age, while at the same time ensuring that the skin is healthy and nourished. With the wide variety of anti-aging treatments available in cosmetic dermatology today, we are able to help each of our patients achieve the rejuvenation they seek in the way most suited to their skin type and needs.

Juvéderm is actually a family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the same manufacturer. Within this family of products, we are able to fine tune treatment down to the smallest detail. Although dermal fillers are designed to replenish fullness to the face, not every product works in exactly the same way. Your board-certified dermatologist is familiar with the characteristics of the various fillers used today, which leads to the best possible results from each treatment.

Different Juvéderm products are designed to address signs of aging that occur due to the loss of volume. In our first years of life, our cheeks and faces are plump with a good amount of subcutaneous fat. Even as we grow older in childhood and through our teen years, our face thins out somewhat, as fat is lost. In adulthood, the decrease in substances like hyaluronic acid leads to further loss in facial volume. It is estimated that as much as a teaspoon of volume is lost with each passing year. This loss of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin, coupled with diminished laxity, is what leads to the formation of folds and wrinkles.

Fillers like Juvéderm, as well as Restylane and Perlane, have been successfully restoring volume for many years. Juvéderm fillers, as well as Restylane and Perlane, are injectables based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar compound produced in the body. This substance is necessary for joint and eye lubrication. It also is what helps our skin stay hydrated and supple due to its tendency to bind with water molecules.

Although all of these fillers contain hyaluronic acid, each may vary slightly in consistency, making it appropriate for specific areas of concern. Restylane is ideal for superficial lines. A Juvéderm or Perlane product may be used on deeper lines or folds such as those that develop between the nose and the mouth or the mouth and the chin. The latest development in the Juvéderm family is Voluma, a product specifically designed to restore volume in the cheeks, with results lasting up to two years.