Radiesse Injections from U.S. Dermatology Partners

What Is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler used to plump the skin. In addition to adding volume, it is also designed to spark the growth of your own natural collagen over time. It also is used to restore volume in the back of hands and can be used as an alternative to implant surgery in the nose, cheeks or chin.

Patient Receiving Radiesse

Radiesse replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of natural collagen.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Radiesse?

Radiesse is recommended for adults between the ages of 35 and 60 with mild to moderate signs of aging who want to treat wrinkles, frown lines and smile lines or who wish to add volume to their face. The doctors at U.S. Dermatology Partners can tell you if you are a good candidate for Radiesse.

How Is Radiesse Adminstered?

Radiesse is injected directly into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin using a very fine needle to minimize bruising or irritation. You will be given a topical anesthetic or numbing cream to minimize discomfort.

Before and After photos of Radiesse

Before and after Radiesse procedure.

Before and After photos of Radiesse

Before and after Radiesse procedure.

Are There Side Effects to Radiesse?

The most common side effects are swelling, bruising and tenderness of the skin in the treated areas. Injections in the back of the hand can make it difficult to perform certain activities, and you may also have bumps or lumps in the back of your hand for up to one year.

How Long Will Radiesse Last?

Results are seen within one week and can last for up to two years. At U.S. Dermatology Partners we offer premier dermatology services for patients of all ages, including virtual dermatology visits for our North TexasColoradoKansas, and Missouri patients. Book your appointment today to find the best Radiesse treatment for you and your skin.

Woman happy with Radiesse treatment

*Results may vary by individual

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