Voluma Helps Fight Deep Wrinkles for Up to 2 Years

May 7, 2015

Voluma Helps Fight Deep Wrinkles for Up to 2 Years

As we age, our cheeks begin to lose volume because of the bone structure and fat distribution in the face change. Since there is less fatty tissue under the skin, it becomes loose and with the help of gravity, starts to sag. This causes the skin to lose its smooth, plump appearance. The cheeks appear saggy and nasolabial folds (better known as marionette lines) are more pronounced.

Dermal fillers have long been used to address this loss in facial volume. You’ve probably heard of products like Restylane, Radiesse, and Juvederm. These products are used to “fill in” the deep wrinkles that are caused by volume loss in the face.

The newest filler on the market, Voluma, works a bit differently from the earlier fillers. Voluma is designed to add volume to the cheeks in order to slightly lift the face creating a natural-looking youthful appearance. Some have gone to so far as to call Voluma the new “liquid facelift.” The treatment doesn’t produce a fake, “plastic” look, but instead helps patients get back some facial volume that they may have loss with age.

Popular fillers on the market, like Restylane, also use a similar ingredient (Hyaluronic acid) to plump problem areas, but Voluma has advanced the effectiveness of Hyaluronic acid with Vycross technology. At a molecular level, the Vycross technology allows the product to keep its shape better (and longer) and earlier generations of fillers.

Voluma Helps Fight Deep Wrinkles for Up to 2 Years in Austin, Texas

Our dermatologists have been very impressed with Voluma. We feel it delivers a subtle and natural-looking change. It looks very natural and helps both to refresh the face and take off a few years.

We are also excited by the fact that Voluma is FDA approved to last for two years – significantly longer than the other dermal fillers on the market. That means patients will be able to enjoy the results of the treatment and their youthful appearance longer than with other fillers on the market, getting more out of their investment.

While other fillers do have the ability to fill in and plump certain areas of the face, Voluma is proven to give greater, more natural results that last up to 2 years.

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