Wound Care

Patient Instructions for Surgery

Post-Operative Wound Care

Wound Care

Clean the surgical wound two times daily beginning 48 hours after surgery. To clean the wound, follow these steps:

Continue to clean your wound daily until the stitches are removed or as your doctor directs. If the surgical site is swelling, you may elevate the site and apply an ice pack as long as the bandage stays dry.

Personal Hygiene

In the first 48 hours, showers or baths are allowed if the bandage remains dry. After 48 hours, the sutures may then get wet, but do not immerse the wound in bathwater. Swimming is not allowed until the sutures are removed. Heavy lifting and exercise are not allowed until the sutures are removed.


Unless the doctor states otherwise, take extra-strength Tylenol for pain as needed. Alcohol should be avoided for two days.

Contact Dermatologist if Any of the Following Occur:

Shave Biopsy Wound Care (Without Stitches)


Wound Care Instructions



Punch Biopsy Wound Care (With Stitches)

Studies have proven that wounds heal faster when scabs are not allowed to form. Follow these instructions to prevent scabs from forming. This will result in better wound healing.

  1. Leave the original dressing in place for 24 hours
  2. Clean the wound once a day. Allow water, shampoo and soap from the shower to wash over the wound.
  3. Cover the wound with Aquaphor or Vaseline and then apply a bandage for 1-2 weeks. Change the bandage daily.

We recommend that you apply Aquaphor or Vaseline to a Band-Aid or Telfa pad (non-stick gauze) with tape. If you prefer not to use a band-aid, apply a thick coat of Vaseline or Aquaphor twice daily. Keep the wound covered with Aquaphor or Vaseline at all times until for 2 weeks.

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