Wart Treatment


Warts are caused by a virus, and consistent treatment is required to fully eliminate them. Expect to have multiple in-office treatments, with home treatments in between.

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Warts may spread to other areas of the body or to other people with direct contact. Covering warts with a bandage may reduce risk of contagion.

Treatment Methods

Cantharone (blister beetle)

  • This treatment is applied in the office and then removed 4-6 hours later at home
  • Cantharone is poisonous. Ensure treated areas remain covered by bandage until it has been washed off completely.
  • Soak off bandages and wash completely with soap and water 4-6 hours after application, sooner upon noticing redness, significant irritation, or pain. DO NOT LEAVE ON OVERNIGHT.


  • Please follow these after care instructions (hyperlink to other page)


  • These injections are done in the office and no specific home-care is needed

Mediplast Home Treatment

Mediplast is an over the counter treatment for warts. It contains 40% salicylic acid in a sticky plaster that can be applied directly to the wart. Although it treats the wart slowly, it is often very effective if used consistently.

You may apply Mediplast or other topical treatment approximately one week after in-office treatment, after warts have healed from treatment.

  • Mediplast comes in large sheets. Using a pair of scissors, cut a piece to the approximate size of each wart. Peel the backing off and stick the Mediplast directly to the wart.
  • For warts on the hands and feet, you may use athletic tape to hold the Mediplast in place. You may shower, exercise, and do all of your normal activities with it in place. You may leave in place for up to a week, or replace daily. Mediplast should not be used on the face or ears and should not be used to treat genital warts.
  • When you remove a piece of Mediplast, the wart will appear white and soft. Use a pumice stone or a washcloth to remove any loose skin, then apply a new piece of Mediplast as above. Once the wart appears to be completely gone, continue treatment for one week further to try to ensure its destruction.