Diolite Laser

What to Expect

  • Redness or bruising in treated areas, with some vascular lesions still visible.
  • Itching or mild discomfort, occasionally with slight blistering, followed by scabbing.

Care of Treated Area(s)

  • Wash as usual, with a gentle cleanser, but do not scrub.
  • Apply Vaseline to minimize crusting.
  • If a blister opens or drains, you may apply Polysporin antibiotic ointment and a bandage, if needed.
  • Use sunscreen consistently to minimize burning, irritation, and pigment changes in treated areas.

Activity to Avoid

  • Do no pick/pull off scab. Allow to completely heal.
  • Avoid excess sun exposure.

Return to Clinic

  • For any signs or symptoms of infection.
  • If lesion is persistent 3 to 4 weeks after treatment, may return to clinic for additional treatment. Contact the office for a quote for the cost of further treatments.