Dermal Fillers

What to Expect

  • Any mild swelling, pinprick bleeding, or bruising should resolve in a few days, although it is possible to last up to two weeks.
  • Expect some small but firm ridges that you can feel under the skin. Do not massage these unless instructed by the physician. These typically lessen during the week following treatment. 

Post-Treatment Care

  • Gently apply ice packs to treated areas every few hours, for 10-20 minutes. Continue as needed until swelling resolves.
  • Tylenol, if you are able to take it, can be helpful for any discomfort.
  • Arnica sublingual (under the tongue) tablets may be taken daily until bruising and swelling resolve. Arnica is available for sale in our office or at the pharmacy.
  • May resume cosmetics or other skin products the day following treatment.

Next Steps

  • Contact our office for any concerns, and return to clinic as needed.
  • Retreatment is common at 6-8 months, depending on type and sites of injections. It may be helpful to have an appointment for additional injections before the benefits of the filler have fully faded.

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