TeleHealth Use Becomes More Popular Amid CoronaVirus Pandemic

April 10, 2020

U.S. Dermatology Partners is now offering Online Dermatology, also known as TeleHealth or TeleDermatology

If you need to visit doctor during the coronavirus pandemic, chances are you may be doing it online. That’s because many physicians are now utilizing telehealth and telemedicine options, thanks to recent changes in Congress.

Jennifer Bowers is now going to the doctor on her computer. Bowers, 49, is an autoimmune patient who has battled melanoma. So, this has become the safest way for the Maryland resident to receive treatment during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve kind of been on lockdown since January,” Bowers said.

Dr. Janet Lin is Jennifer’s dermatologist [at U.S. Dermatology Partners]. Lin is among a growing number of physicians and specialists using telehealth apps like “Talk With Your Doc.” Patients who can’t leave their home because of stay-at-home orders or other preexisting health conditions, which puts them at higher risk to the coronavirus, are now visiting virtually.

“I’m a dermatologist, so a picture is worth a thousand words,” Lin said. “So, if I have a photo ahead of time, I can review it with them. That gives me a much better idea of what I’m treating.” … Read More

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About Online Dermatology

In an increased effort to flatten the curve and keep both our patients and health care workers safe, our offices are now offering online dermatology options, also known as telehealth or teledermatology, which will allow patients to be seen without putting anyone at risk. In many cases, you can begin seeing a Dermatologist in less than 24 hours – that way, you can get a diagnosis and treatment plan quickly and easily. If you need a prescription, your dermatologist can send it to your local pharmacy electronically. Learn More

Source: Erie News Now – Telehealth use becomes more popular amid coronavirus pandemic

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