Woman’s Doctor: Pregnancy Can Cause Skin & Hair Changes

November 30, 2015

No matter how many children a woman may have, they can expect to experience changes to their body, and that may include their skin or even their hair.

Dawn Shifler can relate to that. She has 10 children and said she definitely experienced changes to her skin over the course of her nearly dozen pregnancies.

“I developed rosacea, and I also had some brown spots on my legs and my arms,” Shifler said.

Shifler is not alone. [U.S. Dermatology Partners’] dermatologist Dr. Janet Lin said most women can expect skin changes during pregnancy.

“So there’s numerous changes,” Lin said. “Most of them are going to boil down to the changes in your hormones, so increased levels of estrogen, progesterone in your body, even something called melanocyte stimulating hormone.”

And these hormone fluctuations, along with an increase in blood flow, can cause other skin changes too (such as) acne breakouts, moles, skin tags, a dark stripe on the abdomen, varicose veins and even hair loss.

“And I would notice, after I had the baby, I would have little baby hairs poking through everywhere,” Shifler said.

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