Woman’s Doctor: Additional Protection From Sun May Be Needed

July 31, 2015

Just because you are out of the sun is no guarantee that your skin is out of the danger zone.

In fact, a new study in Science magazine shows the opposite.

“Both of my parents have had basil cell and squamous cell carcinoma as well as melanoma further in my family tree,” Kara Stripling said.

With that kind of family history when it comes to skin cancer, Stripling doesn’t play around when it comes to getting regular skin checks and using sunscreen.

“I make sure I use sunscreen everyday with SPF 50 on my face all over on a regular basis,” she said.

Citing a new Yale University study published in Science magazine, Dr. Janet Lin [with U.S. Dermatology Parnters] said many need to do even more when it comes to sunscreen protection.

“They took a mouse and human skin cells and exposed it to UVA light and they showed that up to three hours afterwards, your skin cells continue to get new damage,” Lin said.

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