Doctors have the best way to get rid of a double chin without surgery!

May 6, 2019

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At Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, now a part of U.S. Dermatology Partners,  we are dedicated to assisting patients in the Centreville area with their skin care concerns. We offer many different services and treatment options, including Kybella. Kybella is the best way to get rid of a double chin and it doesn’t require going under the knife. Kybella is an effective alternative to diet and exercise or surgical procedures for many people who are bothered by chin fullness.

treatment progress stagesA double chin was tough to treat, until now

As you may know, that excess fat under your chin may not budge no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise. The many causes of a double chin can be difficult for you to treat on your own. Hormonal changes as you get older can alter how weight is distributed. It’s possible to be relatively young and fit and still have poor facial contours.

Treatment that works: Kybella

As a DANV patient, you can benefit from the first FDA-approved injectable for moderate to severe under-chin fat.From one of the offices in Centreville, Sterling, or Chantilly, the doctors will precisely inject Kybella into the fat. The procedure is so well-tolerated that little more than a cold compress or a numbing medicine like lidocaine is needed for your comfort.

Kybella is a true lunchtime treatment. You can return to normal activities immediately. You will see desired results in two to six sessions, spaced about a month apart. Since Kybella’s active ingredient stimulates a process in which fat cells are selectively destroyed, results are gradual. Treated cells are safely and naturally eliminated. Once the fat is gone, it’s gone for good. Unlike other approaches, it can’t accumulate at the treated area again.

Ready to look younger and feel more confident?

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