‘You Can Write Your Story’: Latin American Woman Finds Success by Empowering Women, Changing Lives Along the Way

November 30, 2021

‘You can write your story’: Latin American woman finds success by empowering women, changing lives along the way

A Latin American woman in East Texas is breaking boundaries and creating a life she wants by following dreams, while empowering and teaching women how to make their lives better.

Dr. Cris Berlingeri juggles being a dermatologist, bakery owner, certified life coach, podcaster, mother and wife, all while giving back to her community and empowering women she meets along the way. She not only dedicates her life to always improving and chasing her own dreams, but also makes sure other women know they can do the same.

As a life coach, Berlingeri’s goal is to be what she once needed in life — a leader to guide her toward her goals.

“I saw so many women suffering, particularly this time of year … I remember being so disappointed in myself because I was again, at the end of the year, not making the goals I promised myself I would do. There I was, overeating on the day of Thanksgiving,” she said.

Following the days after Thanksgiving, Berlingeri said she found herself either starting a restricting diet until Christmas Day, or unconsciously ate whatever, promising herself January would mark the start of her chasing her fitness goal again, knowing it was a lie.

“Once I figured it out, I (decided) I wanted to become a life coach so I can teach other people how to do this so they can end a suffering cycle,” she said.

The root of finding her purpose in life began as she grew up in Puerto Rico, where it was expected to not only finish a plate of food but also get seconds, as it can be considered rude not to. She often felt confused, as she was also expected to have a slim body.

Without any sort of direction, Berlingeri tried to figure out how to achieve her fitness goals.

Through developing eating disorders, always dieting and yo-yoing in between weight goals, her life began to change when she discovered life coaching three years ago. She learned to develop a healthy relationship with food and allow herself to do what she wanted and teach others to do the same.

When she hears people say they want to lose weight but don’t have time or don’t know where to start, Berlingeri encourages them to eat exactly what they would regularly eat now and leave two bites behind. She said it is all about baby steps instead of forcing a harsh change.

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