11 Weird Reasons Your Skin Care Products May Stop Working

March 5, 2020

There’s no denying that a great skin care regimen (sunscreen included!) can keep your skin looking healthy and radiant over time, especially since prevention is key.

However, there’s always room for cracks in even the strictest of 10-step routines, as there may be some unforeseen factors at play that can hinder the effectiveness of your product.

To shed some light on why your products aren’t working the way they should, we tapped six board-certified dermatologists to break down everything from weather changes to medications that may be messing with your skin.

Read on to reveal 11 reasons why your skincare products may stop working according to dermatologists.

7. You Aren’t Applying Products At The Right Times

Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Austin Cope suggested that timing may be one of the surprising reasons your skin care products aren’t working the way they should, as products like retinol, for example, are products that should be applied before bedtime and not during the day.

“Retinols are very important, but they need to be applied at nighttime before bed,” he said. “If you wear them during the day, they are deactivated by the sun.”

Similarly, he said this same concept applies to sunscreen, as he suggested that many people forget to reapply their block throughout the day.

“In order to get full protection, you need to put on more sunscreen than you think is necessary,” he said. “This is problematic, because people who wear sunscreen put it on in the morning.” Then, after it’s been deactivated 90 minutes later, those people “have a false sense of security that they are still protected throughout the day.”

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