U.S. Dermatology Partners Launches New Program to Provide Underserved and Rural Communities with Critical Access to Dermatology Care

June 23, 2022

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Dallas, TX – The Outreach Program will open over 30 new locations in rural communities across eight states to address the ongoing shortage of doctors and specialists in underserved areas, helping to solve health inequities and prevent future illnesses.

U.S. Dermatology Partners Launches New Program to Provide Underserved and Rural Communities with Critical Access to Dermatology Care

U.S. Dermatology Partners, one of the leading and largest dermatology groups in the country that cares for more than 1.5 million patients each year, announced today that they will be opening over 30 new locations across eight states in the next three years through their new Outreach Program designed to reach underserved patients. This program will provide access to vital dermatology care to communities where patients travel more than an hour to receive treatment or face transportation barriers. These new locations will offer preventative exams and research-backed treatments for common and serious skin conditions such as skin cancer, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.

Systemic health inequities have long existed in rural and underserved communities contributing to a lack of healthcare access and growing mortality risks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) people that live in rural communities are more likely than urban residents to die prematurely from conditions like cancer. The Covid pandemic further exacerbated the health issues presented in underrepresented communities with doctor shortages leaving people waiting even longer to receive care. Residents in these communities often tend to be diagnosed with conditions like skin cancer at later stages and have the worst outcomes due to the lack of specialists and access to preventative care. The U.S. Dermatology Partners Outreach program aims to tackle these systemic issues and bridge the gap in access to specialists by providing high-quality dermatological care in these communities – a first for many residents in these areas.

“I am proud to spearhead this program that will help us further our mission by making access to dermatologic care closer to home and create professional opportunities in these areas,” said Paul Singh, chief executive officer of U.S. Dermatology Partners. “Our goal is to provide these communities with preventative and advanced dermatologic care that can help improve quality of life, while simultaneously growing U.S. Dermatology Partners’ geographical footprint.”

In an effort to address these challenges and build on their legacy of reaching patients closer to home, U.S. Dermatology Partners will open over 30 new locations in the next three years in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Virginia, Texas, and Oklahoma. Earlier this year, they successfully opened their first location as part of this program in Chillicothe, Missouri, and most recently in Woodward, Oklahoma. Three new locations in Granbury and Mount Pleasant, Texas, and Enid, Oklahoma will be opening early this summer.

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