U.S. Dermatology Partners Adapts Patient Care During COVID-19 by Offering Online Dermatology Appointments

April 21, 2020

Over 200 Dermatologists & Dermatology Specialists Now Offering Teledermatology Visits During COVID-19 Quarantine

U.S. Dermatology Partners has always been committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients, employees, families, and communities, and that continues during the rapidly changing dynamics of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Dermatology Partners has taken several important steps to prevent the spread of the virus including rescheduling patients in high-risk groups and limiting in-office appointments to only those patients with urgent needs. With our locations restricting in-office appointments to their urgent-need patients, it has become increasingly important to have alternatives available to offer ongoing service to our patients needing more routine care.

For this reason, we are pleased to offer online dermatology appointments to our established patients and also assist new patients experiencing skin issues during this stressful time. Telehealth allows us the ability to care for our patients with chronic skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis without putting our patients, physicians or staff at risk. Currently, over 200 of our providers are now offering teledermatology appointments. We are making every effort to provide the same level of exceptional care in this virtual appointment setting that they regularly offer to patients in their normal office setting. We use a secure video platform to engage with our patients face-to-face, answer their questions, and continue to make treatment planning decisions to ensure they are able to maintain healthy skin at this time.

When we designed our telehealth program, our goal was to have the virtual visit mirror a regular office visit, so patients didn’t feel alienated and providers could follow their normal flow. Now that our physicians and providers are comfortable with telehealth, we plan to incorporate teledermatology into our regular practice going forward. Telehealth will be a great way to connect with younger patients, busy working families with school-age kids, or anyone who has difficulty getting to the office. Because we draw patients from a large area, some of our patients may drive great distances due to chronic skincare conditions or Mohs Surgery to remove skin cancers. By using telehealth, we can offer those patients post-surgical follow up in a more convenient manner.

Because we have one of the largest networks in the country, telehealth visits also allow us to offer care to patients in rural areas who might not otherwise have access to a board-certified dermatologist.

Best practice and tips to make the most of your online visits –

  • Be prepared by completing your online forms prior to the visit, but at least 24 hours ahead of the visit
  • Check your benefit coverage for telehealth
  • Test the technology prior to the visits and get help from a friend or family member if you are having difficulty
  • Be on time, or better yet be early! Plan on joining at least 5 minutes ahead of time
  • Be sure to choose a location with no distraction and good lighting

The most common requests were’ seeing for teledermatology visits include:

According to Dr. Adam Luber, “At this point, the majority of our visits for established and new patients are being done via telehealth, and our patients and physicians have adapted well to this new normal. Our practices have long-established reputations in the communities they serve, and many are taking care of generations of patients. No doubt these times are unsettling, but we are here for our communities. Our teams hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during this challenging situation.”

About U.S. Dermatology Partners

As one of the largest physician-owned dermatology practices in the country, U.S. Dermatology Partners patients not only have access to general medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin treatment through its coordinated care network, but also benefit from the practice’s strong dermatology subspecialty thought leaders and medical advisory board. To best partner with its patients, U.S. Dermatology Partners is fervently focused on providing the highest level of patient-first care, and its team, therefore, includes recognized national leaders in areas such as clinical research, psoriasis, and Mohs Surgery. To learn more, visit usdermatologypartners.com.

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