What methods of treatment are available for patients in Centreville, VA diagnosed with skin cancer?

May 30, 2019

skin cancer

Patients in Centreville, VA who have been diagnosed with skin cancer may be worried about their outcome. Fortunately, when diagnosed early, skin cancer has one of the highest survival rates. At Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, now a part of U.S. Dermatology Partners,  we are dedicated to assisting patients in the Centreville area with their skin care concerns.

Types of skin cancer

We encourage patients to first understand the type of skin cancer they have been diagnosed with. There are many varieties, and they include:

Basal Cell Carcinoma
Squamous Cell Carcinoma

When diagnosed with skin cancer, our team will explain the type of cancer that has been found and will educate patients on what to expect. Some cancers are more aggressive and are more likely to spread, while some stay in a particular area of the body and are relatively simple to treat.

skin cancerMethods of treatment for skin cancer

There are four primary methods of treating skin cancer available in our practice. They include the following:

• Cryosurgery – the first method of treatment is cryosurgery. Cryosurgery is the removal of the skin cancer through freezing. Freezing off the skin cancer can keep it from growing and can remove the active cancer cells from the skin in a less invasive manner.
• Excision – excision is the full removal of a lesion using surgical treatment. This is done under local anesthetics so that patients do not feel any discomfort throughout their procedure. Excision is a way to remove the cancerous cells that are easy to spot and are in more inconspicuous areas of the body.
• Topical chemotherapy – instead of using chemotherapy internally, our team of professionals may provide a topical cream that can provide the same results but in a targeted manner to ensure the area of skin cancer is treated appropriately.

• Laser treatment – another method available is laser therapy. Our team uses specialized lasers to address specific areas of skin cancer on the body with advanced light therapy.

Which treatment is appropriate for me?

It is essential that patients speak to their dermatologist to determine which method of treatment is most appropriate for their specific type of cancer, as well as the size of the cancerous cells. During a consultation appointment following diagnosis, we will assess the cancer and then develop a plan of action with the patient. Patients are educated on the various methods of cancer removal and then are given the opportunity to choose the one that best suits their specific needs. It may feel overwhelming to make a choice, but we guide patients through the journey, so they are not alone!

Can skin cancer come back?

There is always a chance of reoccurrence with any type of cancer, including skin cancer. Patients who have been diagnosed with skin cancer will need to take a more proactive approach in getting an early diagnosis when they notice the signs of cancer. Dr. Neeraja Mattay encourages patients – even those who have never had skin cancer – to request an annual skin cancer screening. During these screenings, the dermatologist will evaluate the skin from head to toe, all over the body, to look for any indications that skin cancer may be present. Regular screenings allow the dermatologist to diagnose problems early enough for successful intervention by our team of professionals in Centreville, Virginia.

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