“What is that rash?” Treatment for psoriasis and other skin conditions in Ashburn

May 8, 2019

psoriasis rash on elbow

psoriasis rash on elbowAt Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, now a part of U.S. Dermatology Partners,  we are dedicated to assisting patients in the Centreville area with their skin care concerns. As dermatologists, our goal is to help our patients enjoy healthy, beautiful skin.  When you feel good about the appearance of your skin, it means we are doing our job right. We see patients every day with a variety of skin conditions, ranging from mild to severe. Some of the most common are psoriasis, acne, and eczema.


Psoriasis is a skin condition that leaves patients with thick, scaly, inflamed patches of skin. It can cause pain, swelling, itchiness, and soreness near the affected area. While it can be on many different areas of the body, it is most commonly found on the knees, elbows, scalp, face, palms, or bottoms of the feet. It is an autoimmune disorder that can be hard to treat. Making matters more difficult, psoriasis can be exacerbated by stress, infections, medications, or weather conditions that dry out the skin. Treatment for psoriasis usually involves a combination of methods that may include topical creams or ointments, light therapy, or oral medications.


Acne is a condition that results in inflamed areas of the skin. These areas can be whiteheads, blackheads, or even cysts. It is commonly thought of as a problem faced by adolescents, but we see many adults also affected by acne. Hormonal fluctuations, such as those that take place during puberty, pregnancy, oral contraceptive use, or even stress, can trigger acne outbreaks.

There are many different ways to treat acne. Effective treatments are completely dependent on the individual and often look different for every patient. Some patients respond well to over the counter medications, while others will need the aid of prescription strength treatments supervised by a dermatologist. We work with our patients to develop individualized treatment plans that are based on the location and severity of the acne as well as your skin type. Some common treatments that may be used alone or in combination include antibiotics, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser therapy, or topical creams.


Eczema is characterized by rough, red, or inflamed patches of skin. They are typically triggered by a reaction to an allergen or other irritation. There is no exact known cause of eczema and treatment also varies by individual. Some patients see an improvement simply by identifying the trigger and practicing avoidance. Others may benefit from prescription creams or phototherapy.

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