What is skin cancer? Centreville Top Doctors can help you understand

May 6, 2019

doctor holding patients hand

doctor holding patients hand

At Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, now a part of U.S. Dermatology Partners,  we are dedicated to assisting patients in the Centreville area with their skin care concerns.

Skin cancer is considered the most common cancer in the United States. However, it is also one of the easiest to treat with early detection.

The main types of skin cancers:

  • Basal and squamous cell cancers: Found mainly on parts of the body exposed to the sun, they are strongly related to sun exposure. They are less likely to spread to other parts of the body. Early detection is key to prevent scarring, deformity or even loss of function.
  • Melanomas: They are formed by melanocytes, the cells that make brown pigment These can form on any part of the body, but tend to be most common on the chest and back for men and the legs for women. Melanoma is not as common as basal and squamous cancers, but can be far more dangerous. If caught early, there is a high cure rate.

How we can help:

If you have a sore that won’t heal, or a mole that is rapidly changing, please give us a call immediately. We will perform a full examination to determine if this may be skin cancer. If we feel it is a possibility, we will perform a biopsy. If it is skin cancer, we will remove the cancerous cells and provide any necessary treatment. If you worry you are at risk for skin cancer, we can also help by further education and performing annual skin examinations to determine if you have any concerns that might need treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about the services and treatments we offer, contact Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia Centreville. We assist patients of all ages in our state-of-the-art facility. We provide medical and cosmetic dermatology solutions to men and women at both our Centreville and Sterling locations. Our Centreville location can be reached at (703) 222-2773 and is conveniently located in Suite #301 at 13880 Braddock Road. We accept new patients who are ready for quality, comprehensive dermatological care.

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