Botox Injections May Be Your Alternative to A Brow Lift

April 30, 2019

Botox treatment brow lift alternative near Ashburn

Botox treatment brow lift alternative near Ashburn “Total beauty” is achieved with a compilation of factors, each of which contributes to ideal facial proportions, tone, and texture. With age come numerous changes in the skin alone. As a result of these changes, our overall sense of confidence may decrease. Age does not have to transform your face from vibrant to tired or angry. It also does not have to send you in search of surgical treatment.

Many of the patients who visit Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, now a part of U.S. Dermatology Partners,   find that Botox is a great solution to their most pressing concerns. With a few virtually painless injections, our Ashburn area treatment can accomplish a great deal, even warding off the need for a surgical brow life in many cases.

Most people have heard of Botox due to its longevity in aesthetic medicine. This injectible wrinkle-reducer has continually achieved outstanding results that range from the elimination of lines between the brow to a decrease in the appearance of crow’s feet to the beautiful lift of a drooping eyebrow.

Muscles and the Eyes

Around the eyes alone are several facial muscles. Each muscle performs a targeted task. The forehead, as well, contains a number of muscles. Those that are located near the top of the head move in an upward motion. Muscles situated at the brow line move in a downward motion. It is these muscle that we use to squint or to frown. Over time, many muscles on the forehead and around the eyes reach a state of constant contraction. As such, the brows may seem to sit lower, closing off the eyes or causing a look of anger.

Changes to the upper face, especially the eyes, can lead to heaviness or puffiness that exacerbates the appearance of age. In a single treatment, however, youthfulness can be restored to the eyes. Botox has been safely used for more than twenty years. Men and women alike are rediscovering a higher level of confidence with this non-surgical solution to fine lines, wrinkles, and a heavy brow.

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