SkinPen for Stretch Marks

January 9, 2018


Many men and women around the world are at their wits end when it comes to dealing with stretch marks. It seems no matter what you do, they seem to take forever to fade. While it’s true that nothing can actually get rid of your stretch marks, there are treatments that can effectively decrease the appearance of your stretch marks!

Many people use a variety of creams and oils to help quicken the fading process of their stretch marks. While some creams and oils can help the appearance of stretch marks, they take a significant amount of time before there is any noticeable difference. Many of the ‘magic’ skin creams and products that are said to somehow erase stretch marks do not have the effect they advertise, and that can leave people feeling duped and hopeless.

Fortunately there is a treatment that has been fairly successful when it comes to hiding the appearance of stretch marks. This is the Skin Pen, a micro needling treatment.

This is also known as a collagen induction therapy, and is a minimally-invasive non-surgical procedure. As each thin needle punctures the skin, it micro-wound causing the body to fill these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and elastin. Moreover, new capillaries are created, this neovascularisation and neocollagenesis that takes place following treatment precedes the reduction of scars.

Microneedle technology is both a minimally invasive and fairly painless option with the use of an anesthetic cream. This procedure is cost-effective, and can be done on more sensitive areas of skin that are not suitable for peeling or laser resurfacing. The patient is able to take part in regular activities almost immediately, depending on the depth of penetration of the needles. Furthermore, you will notice a change much sooner than you will with other treatments, such as creams or oils. After about 4-6 treatments you will see great changes in your stretch marks, which is significantly less time than it takes when waiting for your marks to naturally fade away!

For individuals who have very visible stretch marks, this is a great option for you. It will help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin sooner rather than later. Feeling good about yourself and your body is priceless, and this cost effective treatment will help you feel good again in only a handful of treatments.

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