Interview with Dallas Dermatologist, John Wofford

October 14, 2019

John Wofford - Presbyterian Dermatologist Dallas

I’m Jay Wofford, I’m a dermatologist practicing in the Dallas area.

What Inspired You to Become a Dermatologist?

I initially went into dermatology due to an experience I had with a mentor from the town I grew up in–Lubbock, TX. He was a dermatologist there and a close family friend. When I was younger, I spent time shadowing him and watching him at his job. The impression I got from the work he did and impact it had on his patients as well as the impression of just how much he enjoyed doing what he does, left this kind of memorable impact on me and that impression stayed with me as I grew up and went through education and just kind of cemented my decision to go into dermatology.

What Is The Most Rewarding Thing About Your Job?

The most rewarding thing for me in practicing dermatology is treating patients with psoriasis or atopic dermatitis eczema and other severe conditions alike. These are conditions that are much more prevalent than most people realize in the general population and they have a significant impact on people’s quality of life. They can be at times very miserable conditions for people to live with and a lot of times they kind of live under the impression that their condition can’t get much better and sometimes seeing those patients and introducing them to some of the newer medications available for those conditions can dramatically improve their lives and even clear their condition completely; and that has a huge impact on them, which is one of the things I enjoy doing the most.

Why Did You Choose to Practice with U.S. Dermatology Partners?

So I initially came to the Dallas area for my residency training in dermatology at Baylor and enjoyed living in the Dallas area. So I decided to stay; and the main reason I chose to work with U.S. Dermatology Partners is that they have a great reputation in the Dallas area and the surrounding community of providing high quality care for their patients. In addition to that, they provided me with a unique opportunity to practice both dermatology and dermatopathology in the same practice setting, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

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