Ideas for Protecting Kids and Teens from the Austin, Texas Sun

May 13, 2014

Ideas for Protecting Kids and Teens from the Austin, Texas Sun

With the temperatures warming and the end of school nearing in Austin, outdoor activities will be plentiful. Many of our staff members have children, so we thought we’d do a quick poll to see how they keep their young children’s delicate skin protected – and how they get teenagers to actually wear sunscreen. Here’s a list of tips and tricks, from our staff to your home.

  • Keep sunscreen in the ice chest. When you get a drink, re-apply. Added bonus – the cool sunscreen feels great on a hot day!
  • Carry a breathable throw add more shade to the stroller, especially for legs. Our physician assistant Eryn McIntyre loves this one, made of lightweight ‘swimsuit’ material: Sunny Sleevez.
  • Powdered sunscreen is so quick and easy to put on little kids, and great for teenage girls who can apply over makeup. Plus it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to keep in your purse for re-application on the go. We like the Colorscience brand and we carry it in the office.
  • We make a big deal out of picking sun hats each summer. The more we talk up wearing one when we are going to be out on the lake or near the water, the more excited the kids are to wear it -and keep it on!
  • For water play (or windy situations) we found that hats made for surfing have great neoprene straps and ear protection. We haven’t found a great kids version, but the ones for adults fit our five year old just fine. Here’s one example: DaKine hat.
  • I pack my daughter’s sunscreen in her backpack at school with instructions that I made with a label maker for her teachers to apply when she goes outside at the playground.
  • For teenage daughters, offer good quality tanning lotion (or even a spray tan) for those events…like prom…when they feel they must have a tan.
  • Invest in cool, long sleeve beach coverups, cute wraps, and rash-guard suits for the beach. Our Honolulu family tell us only silly mainlanders wear bikinis; native islanders wear swim suits with coverage! Coolibar is a great source.
  • Purchase multiple sunscreens, one that each person likes, so they are happy to use it: gel for teenage boys, lightweight sunscreens for teenage girls, chemical-free for sensitive skin, sunscreen sticks that younger kids can apply on their own, etc. As long as it’s broad spectrum and SPF 30+, the best sunscreen is the one that they’ll actually use!

Additionally, we just started carrying a fun new sunscreen that kids (and adults) actually ASK to wear. Sparkle Screen! Stop by our office and get yours in either strawberry or kiwi/pear for $14.

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