Microneedling in Denver, Colorado

June 30, 2015

At U.S. Dermatology Partners Littleton, formerly Apex Dermatology Group, we are frequently asked what can be done during the fun-in-the-sun summer months to improve the way your skin looks.

This summer, for the first time, we are introducing our patients to micro-needling – a new way to minimize scars (i.e., from acne and chickenpox), fine lines, and chest wrinkles. Micro-needling uses a hand-held device studded with tiny (0.5-2mm) stainless steel needles. The device leaves pinpoint injuries that instigate the skin’s natural healing process. Multiple sessions are recommended, spaced four to eight weeks apart.

During the micro-needling treatment, we apply a growth factor serum on the skin that encourages new, healthy cell growth. We also recommend our Neocutis products post-procedure for optimal results.

In a study published by the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, patients underwent micro-needling for facial scarring with more than 90% achieving a one or two grade reduction in scar severity. More than 80% of the patients evaluated the treatment as “excellent” with zero side effects – great news for a condition that has been historically difficult to treat effectively.

After significant research, we provide the treatment using the ProCell Therapies tool, which offers tips in multiple sizes to ensure effective treatment of different areas of the body. The unique tip design provides for an even distribution of the needle penetration for smoother, more consistent results.

With similar results achieved by laser resurfacing – currently benefitting a number of our patients – micro-needling is a more affordable alternative, appropriate for all skin types and colors, and takes only 30 minutes.

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