Be The Best Version of You: Cosmetic Services Done Right

October 31, 2017

Be The Best Version of You - Cosmetic Services Done Right

Be The Best Version of You: Cosmetic Services Done Right

Walk around any city and you will see the evidence- men and women who have had “work done”… so much so that their look suddenly appears “not human.” Too plumped, too smooth- or maybe just not natural- it’s all out there. As a result, cosmetic services get an unfortunately bad rap.

To all of my patients, clients, and anyone else seeking to improve their look – I get it! Cosmetic services when done wrong can make you look, well, pretty darn scary. They are also expensive and confusing- so many options offered in so many places! How do you even choose?

Our Denver, Colorado Dermatologist

Dr. Alexandra Theriault is a Board-Certified Dermatologist in Littleton and Denver, Colorado at U.S. Dermatology Partners, formerly Apex Dermatology Group.As a board-certified dermatologist for 17 years, I [Alexandra Theriault, MD] pride myself on being the trusted advisor for my patients in the world of “all things skin.” Quite often, my appointments for medical checks turn to conversations and questions about the cosmetic services we offer. And with these conversations, I hear interest (“Please help me improve my look!”), paired with confusion (“Where do I even begin?) and trepidation (“Are they really for me?”).

Here’s the skinny: cosmetic services are there to help you look like the best version of you. Nothing out there can replace what I call a healthy “skin style”- healthy habits in your life, like: diet, sun protection, and exercise are what give you that “glow.” Cosmetic services just give you that added “boost” that makes you glow even more!

I provide cosmetic services in my practice because, when used properly and in moderation, they can help improve the health and overall appearance of you. I want my clients to look and be the best versions of themselves—that includes healthy skin and a glowing appearance!

So what are the right cosmetic services for you?

When a new patient comes to my practice for cosmetic services, the first thing we do is sit down with them to provide an evaluation of their skin and their goals for cosmetic services. We listen to them, talk about what they see as their “problem” areas, and provide our perspective on how they can be improved. The next step is to demystify the cosmetic procedures we offer at U.S. Dermatology Partners Littleton, formerly Apex Dermatology Group — how they work and what they help with. We then work in concert with our highly trained aestheticians to create the best plan to meet our patient’s goals. I’m not afraid to say “no” if what they want will make them look unnatural.

Cosmetic procedures are often most effective when paired together with products and services. And when this happens, you will see fabulous results!

Here’s an example: When it comes to aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, probably the most frequent question I get is around Botox injections. Yes, it’s true- they can relax the face and improve the appearance of fine lines on your upper face; however, they don’t improve the tone or volume of the skin. I often recommend to my clients that get Botox to also consider filler injections and regular facials that could include a combination of dermaplaning, laser treatments, HydraFacials, microneedling, or osmosis so that the can not only improve their appearance but help reverse the aging process! Win-win, right?

And let’s not forget products- perhaps the most important of all is your daily regimen. The right daytime and nighttime serums and creams can help to protect the skin and regenerate the skin between appointments.

The great news is that as a doctor I don’t bring anything into my practice that doesn’t have evidence-based data proving its efficacy. As a result, all of my products and services for your skin do work and we have empirical proof that they do!

If you take anything away from this article, take this: cosmetic procedures don’t have to be scary or confusing! They are there to help you be the best version of you. When done with the right person that understands skin, paired with the right procedures, products, and of course a healthy “skin style,” they can boost that youthful glow you are looking for.

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