AcuPulse Fractional CO2 Laser by Lumenis

December 13, 2014

AcuPulse Fractional CO2 Laser by Lumenis

With 35 million Americans potentially suffering from toenail fungus – sometimes painful, always ugly – it’s no wonder that the recent medical breakthrough making waves is a new topical cure.

Those battling Onychomycosis (on-ick-oh-my-CO-sis) of the toenail might report a thickening of the nail, discoloration, brittleness and crumbling, and even a painful lifting of the nail from the skin. Under the toenail, the infection is hard to reach and difficult to treat. Until now, patients have had to take oral antifungals for up to 6 months, sometimes combined with a topical treatment, to eliminate it.

And even then, positive results are not guaranteed.

No more.

Lumenis Laser Treatments in Denver, Colorado

U.S. Dermatology Partners Littleton, formerly Apex Dermatology Group is excited to offer two new FDA-approved topical products that achieve a cure on their own: Jublia and Kerydin.

  • Jublia (efinaconazole) Topical Solution 10% ( by Valeant Pharmaceuticals is applied daily for 48 weeks. In two separate studies, more than 53% of patients using Jublia tested fungus-free after one year.  That’s a big improvement over previous options.
  • Kerydin ( by PharmaDerm is also applied daily for 48 weeks with similar results.

The important thing? No blood tests or liver function monitoring required. And as the 35 million battling Onychomycosis know, that’s something to buzz about.

So if you want to slip into flip-flops this summer…

Or you’re longing to gloss on your Bogota Blackberry or Chick Flick Cherry after years of “no polish!”…

Schedule an appointment today with U.S. Dermatology Partners to start your proven toenail treatment. Call our Denver (303) 261-1525 or Littleton office (303) 795-2030.

Wrinkles. Sun damage. Acne. Scars.

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing has successfully treated multiple skin conditions for years, and the field is rapidly revolutionizing our ability to rejuvenate sun-damaged, wrinkled, aging skin.

Due to our ongoing study of new products and technologies to enhance results, U.S. Dermatology Partners is already capitalizing on the newest and most lauded laser technology on the market.

Soon after industry-leading Lumenis announced its new AcuPulse Fractional CO2 laser this fall, we were one of the first in Denver to offer it. Using a narrow beam, the width of a human hair, Fractional CO2 technology removes targeted columns of deep tissue, rather than the surface, initiating the body’s natural healing process from within to create new collagen in the surrounding skin. The new collagen improves skin tone and significantly minimizes wrinkles while plumping from within.

Most effective around the eyes and lips, or for deeper scarring and acne, this exciting technology empowers patients to achieve the younger, smoother look they seek with minimal downtime. Depending on the resurfacing plans of the individual patient, this in-office treatment takes only 30 minutes with almost immediate results that last for years.

As physicians in the know about the latest in skin care products, processes, and technologies, we are truly impressed. We are thrilled to offer this advanced technology in the portfolio of Our Services.

And at U.S. Dermatology Partners, what we like most about our AcuPulse Fractional CO2 Laser is how it empowers us to create highly customized treatments for each patient. Based on the quality of our physician’s training and our understanding of the science of your skin, we are able to select treatment depths and densities based on skin condition, desired outcome, and downtime – delivering results unachievable without surgery only a few years ago.

Booking Your Next Laser Treatment Appointment

We invite you to contact us about the AcuPulse Fractional CO2 Laser and schedule an initial consultation with a Board-Certified Dermatologist at U.S. Dermatology Partners. Call our Denver office at (303) 261-1525 or our Littleton office at (303) 795-2030 to schedule an appointment today.

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