How to Protect Your Skin During the Cold Months

January 2, 2018

Problem: My nose is as red as a ruby.

Chronic exposure to whipping winds, coupled with a lack of moisture in the air, can leave you with stinging, raw skin, says Daniel Walker, MD, a dermatologist at U.S. Dermatology Partners in Grapevine, Texas. “Wind depletes the skin of natural moisturizing oils and also increases the evaporation rate of water on the skin’s surface.” As a result, your face can become red, itchy, cracked, swollen, and painful.

Chronically high blood glucose also triggers a chain reaction that increases the dryness of your skin and, ultimately, your sensitivity to harsh elements. “Diabetes can cause poor circulation, which leaves skin drier than normal,” says Walker. “That dryness contributes to redness and irritation.”

Solution: Tone down the redness and other symptoms by applying an unscented moisturizer daily, including after washing your face. “Avoid using harsh, abrasive soaps or other facial products when you know you’ll be exposed to wind,” Walker says. “And use a scarf, turtleneck, or even your gloved hand to cover as much of your neck and face as possible when outside.”

Source: Prevention – 10 Best Moisturizers for Men in 2020, According to Dermatologists

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