Top Vacation Skin Care Tips for Spring Break

March 13, 2019

Vacation Skin Care Tips

Alright spring breakers, before you pack your bags and hit the beach, the slopes, or any destination in between, don’t forget to prepare your skin for all the changes, stresses, and extra exposure to damaging sunlight, germs, and other elements. You may be ready for some fun and adventure, but if you don’t prepare your skin for the trip, vacations can strip your skin’s moisture, dull your healthy glow, and leave you looking drained once you return home. Vacations expose our skin to numerous hazards. Increased sun exposure, long periods of time in ‘canned’ air while flying, and changes to diet and routine all put travelers at risk for breakouts, irritation, and inflammation. Travel can present some challenges for skin health. But, taking a little extra time to prepare for your travels can make all the difference in your vacation skin care.

The Hurdles of Skin Care While Traveling

Traveling for spring break or any other vacation may be packed with fun and relaxation compared to your regular routine. But, changes to that routine can be taxing for your skin. From filtered air, heating, and air conditioning stripping your skin’s moisture to prolonged sun exposure and changes in your daily skin care, travel can adversely impact your skin. Some of the factors that impact skin health for travelers include:

  • Sleep schedule – you’re likely to wake up earlier, stay up later, and altogether shake up your sleep schedule during vacation. Lack of sleep can make skin appear dull, lead to dark circles under the eyes, and cause other changes to the appearance of your skin.
  • Climate change – people often travel to places that are much different from those they’re used to. Changes in temperature, altitude, and humidity can all impact your skin’s health and appearance.
  • Care products – many travelers end up using whatever skin care products are available in their hotel. In some cases, these are good options that offer effective care, but it’s just as common for hotel hygiene products to have a negative impact on skin, especially for those who are already traveling which places added stress on their skin.
  • Diet – we are what we eat, and hopefully, we’re all eating plenty of fruits, veggies, and proteins to keep the skin and body healthy. However, most of us take a break from healthy eating habits to enjoy some special treat meals while on vacation. The added fats, sugars, and carbs in your special occasion dinner may translate to increased chances for flareups of existing skin conditions and greater risk for skin irritation, inflammation, and breakouts.

Sunscreen is the Season’s Must-Wear at the Beach & on the Slopes

We know we say this all the time, but since sun damage is the leading cause of skin health concerns, it bears repeating. Applying sunscreen every day is essential. Whether you’re headed to the slopes or the beach for spring break, make sure to pack your sunscreen. Many travelers forget their sun care when they vacation in the mountains or other areas with cooler weather and indirect sun exposure, but sunscreen is an everyday essential, especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors.

More Tips to Keep Your Healthy Glow Over Spring Break

In addition to wearing sunscreen every day, we’ve outlined six quick tips to keep your skin looking and feeling great no matter where spring break takes you.

1 – Pack Thoughtfully

Leave your harsh or abrasive cleansers at home. Your skin is likely to receive enough stress during travel without adding on with acidic cleansers or harsh skin treatments. Instead, bring along a gentle cleanser, daily wear moisturizer, and a serum to trap in moisture. If you’re going to have some downtime during your travels, bring along a purifying mask to maximize your relaxation session by removing impurities from the skin.

2 – Prepare for Potentially Damaging Factors

Depending on your destination, your skin health needs will vary, so make sure you’re prepared for the climate and potential skin health hurdles you may encounter like sun exposure, dryness from airplane travel, and increased physical activity and sweat production. As stated above, you should pack gentle skin care items you need to counter these potential issues during travel. You should also prepare your skin for travel in the days before you leave for your vacation. Even if you have oily skin, applying a good moisturizing mask the night before vacation can be beneficial, especially if you’ll be flying. This can prevent your skin from drying out while you’re in transit. You may also want to consider traveling “barefaced.” Makeup can strip moisture from the skin and trap microorganisms encountered on your travels.

3 – Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the most common skin and whole-body health concern for travelers, so make sure you’re staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water and choose foods that are high in water content like juicy fruits, vegetables, and soups.

4 – Avoid Touching Your Face

When you travel, you’re likely coming into contact with a lot more germs, bacteria, and foreign substances than you would on an average day. Touching your face can transfer these substances onto your skin, increasing the risk for skin irritation, pimples, and other concerns.

5 – Bring Blotting Papers for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, changes in temperature, activity, and skin care routines can all contribute to a significant increase in oil production. Many people use regular washcloths or facial tissues to remove this oil. Typical washcloths can be rough on the skin and facial tissues can leave residue behind. Instead, invest in blotting papers. They absorb excess oil without irritating skin or adding unwanted residue.

6 – Plan Complete Skin Care & Relaxation on Your First Night

The first night of any vacation, you should plan plenty of rest and relaxation. Travel can be taxing for the skin and body. Make sure to thoroughly clean and exfoliate skin after you arrive to remove all of the germs, bacteria, and other gunk that can accumulate as you travel, especially if you’ve taken public transportation like planes, trains, and cabs. Then, sit back and apply some ice wrapped in a cool cloth to your eyes to reduce inflammation and the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

Call the U.S. Dermatology Partners for Your Vacation Skin Care Needs

Whether it’s before, during, or after your vacation, U.S. Dermatology Partners is here to help you achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Whether you need a helping hand with developing a skin care routine to address chronic dryness and irritation, you’re worried about changes to your skin’s appearance, or you’re dealing with any other skin health concern, one of our skilled dermatologists can help. If you’re ready to get started working with a U.S. Dermatology Partners location near you, take a few moments to fill out our quick online application. One of our local dermatology teams will be in touch soon.

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