How to Repair Years of Sun Damage on Your Face

February 15, 2016

After years of being a ‘sun worshiper’ you are left with wrinkles and skin that has a leathery texture. What do you do? Believe it or not, there are steps you can take to repair some of the sun damage on your face. It’s not impossible to even reverse some of the signs of skin aging.

Ninety percent of the damage done to your skin over the years is due to overexposure to the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet (UV) light. Too much sun causes skin cancer and pre-cancers, Take steps now to protect your skin from the sun.

Your skin needs protection from the sun year round. Using sunscreen when the sun’s rays are hottest makes sense, but practicing year-round sun protection can stop further sun damage.

A sunscreen of SPF 30 or 50 is your best choice. Also reducing the time you spend in the sun and wearing sunscreen when you do go outside, gives your skin time to recover and your immune system time to kick in some repairs.

Dead skin build-up can make your skin look splotchy. And residue from tanning products can collect in dry areas like your elbows, diminishing your skin’s glow and even causing it to look dirty. Remove dead skin with gentle scrubs and loofahs to have smoother skin.

Skin lightener helps fade build-up of unwanted color. There are OTC products that contain ingredients that help to safely fade discoloration.

Your skin suffers dryness in summer from salt water, sun, chlorine and wear and tear. A good moisturizer can invigorate dry skin under your eyes and relax wrinkles. Using it consistently helps stimulate collagen, a protein in your skin that builds texture and elasticity.

Professional laser treatments can work well for wrinkles and uneven skin tones.  Laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) in combination with certain topicals can remove dry, scaly skin.

Aesthetic treatments designed to recover your skin’s youthful appearance are also available through your dermatologist. Popular treatments such as microdermabrasion, microneedling, and chemical peels can be very effective.

Looking to Fix Sun Damage?

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