Causes of Adult Pubertal Acne

August 3, 2015

Between the ages of 20 and 50 more than seventy percent of adults (mostly women) will experience the angst of adult acne outbreaks.

It hardly seems fair, but adolescent acne and adult pubertal acne share some of the same factors. Flares with sensitive nodes that show up on the cheeks, chin and near the jawline are attributed to hormonal causes more than to bacteria.

Acne blemishes are usually either a whitehead or a blackhead. If it isn’t acne the breakout could be rosacea, another condition with similar symptoms. Sebum in the skin is the main culprit of adult acne. Another form of acne occurs when bacteria get trapped in hair follicles. The immune system goes into overdrive to battle the bacteria.

“Regardless of a patient’s age, acne can be a problem. My goal is to provide the most effective treatment to deal with the acne, teenage or adult, by an in-depth evaluation of all the symptoms.”
– Weilan Johnson, M.D., FAAD, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dermatology Associates of Central Texas, Georgetown

Acne is stimulated by hormones and an upwelling of androgen hormones, called DHEAS cause an acne breakout. That’s the reason teenage boys have worse acne than girls. Acne can also be caused by:

  • Hormonal Over-Supply
    Too many androgens can cause acne flares. Contraceptive pills can block these hormonal receptors.
  • Ambitious Immune System
    Some people have immune systems with an abundance of a gene called TLR7. Medications that combat inflammation are the best treatment.
  • A Stress Agitator
    While stress isn’t directly the cause, it is a major contributor to acne. Cortisol can trigger an acne torrent.

While you can’t control your immune system, you can help keep adult acne at bay by eating healthy foods, getting plenty of exercise, managing your stress and sleeping well.

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