Avoiding Food and Wine That Causes Acne in Grapevine, Texas

March 14, 2018

The city of Grapevine, Texas, is an oasis for wine and cuisine lovers. With so many excellent wineries and restaurants, it’s no wonder the city hosts Grapefest — the largest wine festival in the Southwest. Many people enjoy outings like these but also notice that their favorite foods and spirits can lead to acne flare-ups. While science hasn’t reached a consensus, there is growing evidence that diet and acne are related.

If you notice a correlation between your diet and acne, consider reducing or eliminating the problem foods from your diet. Whether you’re touring Grapevine’s Urban Wine Trail or enjoying a ride on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, consume these food items in moderation to avoid an acne flare-up.


Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are the most common foods that lead to breakouts. In fact, many acne sufferers claim to have a clearer complexion after eliminating or reducing dairy from their diets. Some people have found success in a dairy-free diet. With so many dairy alternatives today, it’s easy to maintain a healthy diet without these products. If you notice that consuming dairy triggers a breakout, eliminate it from your diet and see if your complexion improves.

Recent studies have not found a direct correlation between dairy products and acne, but there are theories. The hormones in milk can increase oil production in your skin, which may trigger breakouts.


It’s commonly believed that eating chocolate can cause breakouts. While the studies don’t show a direct correlation here, either, it’s possible that overindulging can lead to breakouts in certain people. Chocolate is high in sugar and dairy, which can lead to hormonal changes. This, in turn, can cause inflammation and breakouts in acne-prone individuals.

Milk and white chocolate contain higher amounts of sugar and dairy than dark chocolate, so limit your consumption. In fact, due to its antioxidants, dark chocolate has many health benefits. The wine experts at Delaney Vineyards and Winery in Grapevine, Texas, can help you select the perfect wine to pair with dark chocolate.

Foods High in Sugar

Sugar by itself doesn’t cause acne, but it can provoke acne breakouts. Sugary foods are converted into glucose, which causes the body’s insulin levels to elevate. Foods that cause the body’s insulin levels to elevate quickly are considered high on the glycemic index scale. High levels of insulin cause inflammation throughout the body, which can lead to the increased production of skin oils. Without proper skin care, breakouts can occur.

Fried Foods

While they don’t directly cause acne, fried foods can aggravate the problem. This is especially true if you get grease from the food on your skin. If contact occurs, wash your skin immediately to avoid a breakout.

All healthcare professionals will tell you to avoid fried foods — at home or when dining out — for overall health. The Texas Star Dinner Theater in Grapevine offers a wide range of healthy meals to choose from while you enjoy a fun production.

Processed Foods

Processed foods and refined carbs are high on the glycemic index and can lead to poor complexion. Examples include pasta, white rice, white bread, and crackers. Avoiding processed foods can improve acne. Patients who increase their intake of omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains have seen less inflammation and breakouts.

Processed foods and refined carbs also contribute to diabetes and obesity. For overall health, stick to whole grains and healthy fats.


It’s not uncommon to experience acne breakouts after an evening of drinking. Alcohol can cause dehydration, which doesn’t do any favors for the skin. Alcoholic beverages that are high in sugar (including white wine) can lead to inflammation and overproduction of skin oils. Red wine contains antioxidants that provide many health benefits. A single glass can actually contribute to healthier skin. The key is to consume all alcohol in moderation to avoid pesky breakouts the next day.

Everyone’s skin is different, so watch for food triggers that cause acne flare-ups. If you suspect a correlation between diet and acne, keep a food diary and share your findings with your dermatologist. He or she may recommend a change in your diet and topical acne remedies.

There are many things you can do to prevent acne breakouts, including exercise and drinking more water. In Grapevine, there are plenty of hiking and biking destinations to enjoy that will keep your skin and body in optimal health.

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