Minimizing Bruising After Botox & Fillers

December 1, 2021

patient receiving botox injection

When it comes to turning back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles, Botox and fillers are two of the most popular types of cosmetic dermatology treatments available. They are minimally invasive, require little to no downtime, and allow patients to look and feel like a more rejuvenated version of themselves. According to Dr. Jacqueline Watchmaker of U.S. Dermatology Partners in Scottsdale, Arizona, “The most common side effect from filler and Botox treatment is bruising given the face is full of thousands of tiny blood vessels.  While bruising is typically mild after these procedures, there are a few things patients can do to help minimize the risk of bruising and help a bruise resolve quicker if one does occur.”  In this blog, Dr. Watchmaker will review some of the top recommendations for minimizing bruising after Botox and fillers.

Why Does Bruising Occur After Botox & Filler Treatments?

When it comes to bruising after Botox and filler treatments, Dr. Watchmaker said, “Many people wonder why one person will have numerous bruises after injectable treatments and another will have nothing. Bruising has a lot to do with the individual’s anatomy and the fragility of their skin and blood vessels. The risk of bruising also depends on the location of the injections.  For example, there are numerous, relatively superficial blood vessels around the mouth and eyes so the risk of bruising when injecting these locations is higher. The cheeks and forehead on the other hand have fewer superficial blood vessels so the risk of bruising in these locations is lower.”

How Can You Prevent Bruising After Botox & Fillers?

In addition to working with a knowledgeable, professional dermatologist to ensure minimal side effects, Dr. Watchmaker also recommends the following pre and post-visit steps to minimize bruising after Botox and fillers:

Get Ready Before Your Visit

  • If you are taking any supplements that thin the blood (omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, etc.) consider stopping these at least a week prior to your procedure. Alternatively, if you are on blood-thinning medications prescribed by a doctor, it is very important that you continue to take these.
  • Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before your procedure. Alcohol can cause blood vessels to relax and open, making it more likely that they may be unintentionally damaged during your injectable procedure.

After your visit

  • Ice and cold packs can help constrict blood vessels. Icing for 20 minutes once or twice after your procedure can help minimize potential bruising.
  • Certain creams like Arnica cream and INhance Post-Injection Serum by Alastin may help prevent bruising if applied to the treatment area after injections.
  • Hold off on exercising or bending over for at least an hour after your procedure. Both of these activities can increase the blood flow to your head and increase the risk of bruising.

If You Do Bruise, How Can You Get Rid of Bruising?

Bruises from Botox and dermal fillers will usually clear up or significantly diminish within a few days, but you can take some additional steps to address bruising that does develop after your procedure. According to Dr. Watchmaker “Some studies suggest that Arnica Montana, a perennial herb indigenous to North and Central Europe, can help accelerate the resolution of post-procedure bruising. Arnica creams and ointments are widely available over the counter and can be applied to the skin where a bruise forms.  Alternatively, some devices like the Pulsed Dye Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can be used in your doctor’s office to treat more significant bruising.”

Interested in Botox or Filler Treatments?

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