Use RevitaLash Advanced for Ultimate Refined Looking Lashes

January 9, 2018

Female Revitalash Advanced

Naturally dense beautiful lashes are precious possessions for every woman. The artificial lashes fixations and synthetic glues can harm the eyes and does not complete the look in a way the naturally grown lashes. If you want to grow dense and healthy lashes naturally, then RevitaLash Advanced 2.0 is the eyelash conditioner that can help in beautifying them after regular recommended usage. This is a regular eyelash caring product and not a general enhancer like the mascara.

RevitaLash Advanced Ingredients

The key ingredients used in RevitaLash eye conditioner include BioPeptin complex, Calendula, Saw Palmetto, Wheat Protein, Panax Ginseng, and Swertia Japonica. The BioPeptin complex contains panthenol rich green tea extracts, natural lipids, and peptides that bestow strength to the existing lashes preventing uprooting and breakages. Calendula and aqua formulation of RevitaLash removes dryness and keeps the lashes nourished and moisturized. The plant sterols and essential fatty acids in Saw Palmetto help in conditioning the lashes for exhibiting sheen look. Wheat protein gives necessary amino acids, peptides and vitamin B to provide greater strength for prolonged life of the lashes. The Panax Ginseng, and Swertia Japonica are plant extract that boosts in new lash growth, provides vitamin B and natural antioxidants to keep the adjacent skin area nourished, revitalized and firmly younger for years.

Product Details and Features

RevitaLash eyelash conditioner promotes the growth of new healthy lashes while conditioning and repairing the existing lashes for a precise and enhanced look. It also revitalizes and repairs the damages caused out of daily aggressors and pollution contact. The viscous nature of this fluid eyelash conditioner helps to stay on the lashes firmly for a longer duration. The brush and container are protected with anti-microbial properties that do not let the microorganisms spoil the contents. This natural lashes skin care product has been reviewed and found safe by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It is clinically tested and completely non-irritant and hypoallergenic and suitable for users with sensitive skin.

Directions for Usage

Before using the RevitaLash,it is recommended to wash your hands and face with a mild soap or cleaner. Pat dry with a soft towel and allow some time for the moisture to dry out completely from the eye area. In case you have used make-up before, make sure to remove the residue with a facial cleaner before the application of RevitaLash Advanced. Using it at bedtime is beneficial to allow the ingredients to act on the lashes for a longer duration. Apply only a single stroke of the liquid conditioner and allow drying. If you are using the RevitaLash during the daytime and want to put makeup, always ensure that you allow sufficient time for drying the conditioner before starting the process. Using RevitaLash once, every day is recommended for the best results.


During application, some quantity of this eyelash conditioning and skin care product can penetrate into the eyes. Mild irritation may occur. If problems are severe, wash the eyes with normal water immediately and consult a dermatologist if symptoms persist. Take small quantities to avoid penetration in the future. If you have any cyst, irritation or breakage in the skin around the lashes, then avoid using the RevitaLash until recovery for best results.

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