John Wofford - Presbyterian Dermatologist Dallas

Interview with Dallas Dermatologist, John Wofford

I’m Jay Wofford, I’m a dermatologist practicing in the┬áDallas area. What Inspired You to Become a Dermatologist? I initially went into dermatology due to an experience I had with a mentor from the town I grew up in–Lubbock, TX. He was a dermatologist there and a close family friend. When I was younger, I spent

Trisha Patel - Presbyterian Dermatologist Dallas

Meet Dallas Dermatologist, Trisha Patel

I’m Dr. Trisha Patel, and I’m a board-certified dermatologist with U.S. Dermatology Partners here in Dallas, Texas. What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Dermatologist? One of the great things about dermatology for me is that it gives me the opportunity to practice in a wide variety of age groups from young children all