Practice Philosophy

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery of South Texas, now a part of U.S. Dermatology Partners, has been providing highly specialized skin cancer care to the residents of central and south Texas since 1989, and is known for its expertise and for the personal attention paid to each patient treated here. The practice has been kept small to permit sufficient time for the individual needs of our patients. We strongly believe that each patient should thoroughly understand the nature of their problem, available treatment options with their advantages and disadvantages, risks, and possible outcomes. We spend a lot of time educating our patients, and sincerely want them to understand what we are doing and why. We believe in informed consent by shared decision-making, and prefer to see patients for preoperative evaluations in advance of their surgery for these important discussions, and for appropriate planning on our part and theirs.

Much of the time in a Mohs procedure is consumed by laboratory tissue processing and examination. For patient comfort, we bandage the wound and release the patient to the waiting room while we work in the laboratory.

Most patients treated here are sent by other physicians, mostly dermatologists, who have biopsied their cancer and determined that a Mohs procedure is the appropriate management. Our role is to treat the cancer by the most precise method, maximizing the cure rate and minimizing the loss of normal tissue, to permit restoration of function and appearance. We surgically repair more than 90% of the defects here immediately following the Mohs procedure. Some selected defects heal best on their own, without reconstructive surgery, and some defects are best repaired by plastic or oculoplastic surgeons. We arrange for this care when appropriate. Our patients return to their doctors for ongoing skin cancer surveillance and any other medical care they may need. We stress the importance of sunlight protection and at least an annual skin check with their doctor.

We do not believe that all skin cancers need Mohs Surgery and concur with the indications promulgated by the American College of Mohs Surgery: large cancers, cancers located in important anatomic areas of the face, cancers that have failed previous treatment, and cancers that exhibit aggressive microscopic features. Most of our patients have basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.

Our staff prides itself for being friendly, courteous and respectful, compassionate, forthright, and efficient. We strive to treat patients the way we would like to be treated.