Skin Peels

To gently, effectively treat the skin to much-needed TLC, a skin peel from the experienced esthetician at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia may be performed. Skin peels have been performed for decades by trained clinicians, benefitting a wide range of individuals. A skin peel is a customized treatment that can vary in strength from mild to deep, making it suitable to many different skin types and complexions. Whether you want to preserve the glow of youthful skin, promote skin health by banishing blemishes, or reduce the early signs of sun damage, our esthetician can design a peel to achieve your desired results.

Skin peels achieve gentle resurfacing by eliciting cellular turnover through a customized chemical solution. A number of skin concerns respond well to skin peel treatment designed to exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells. Each patient receives personalized care with a chemical solution formulated for their specific concerns and skin type. The variables of this treatment include the type of acid or acids used and the duration of treatment. Through the manipulation of these variables, the most beautiful results can be achieved.

  • Light chemical peels, called epidermal peels, are very mild and ideal for the early signs of aging, sun damage or acne. A light peel is so gentle that there are no lasting side effects like peeling or redness. Solutions for light skin peels may include gentle acids such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, or other mild ingredients.
  • The Mélanage peel is also gentle, designed to improve the tone and texture of skin affected by hyperpigmentation. This peel may be ideal for patients who wish to reduce melasma.
  • Medium depth chemical peels include other ingredients such as retinoic acid, resorcinol and trichloroacetic acid, resulting in more significant peeling and skin turnover.
  • Deeper peels such as high concentration TCA peels are more aggressive, delivering beautiful results on skin that shows more signs of sun damage and aging. A few days of flaking and redness is likely after a deep skin peel. After treatment, patients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure and follow post-treatment protocol as instructed by their clinician.

Skin peels are a wonderful way to pamper the skin and assure ongoing exfoliation. This type of treatment may be performed in our office at regular intervals, or may also be a part of your daily skin care routine. As a daily treatment, the mildest concentration of acid can be applied to the skin for consistent rejuvenation.