Laser Therapy

Laser technology has been a significant advancement in modern society. Today, everything from listening to music to checking out at the grocery store may include a laser of some type. Technically, a laser is optically amplified light. This amplification of light focuses energy onto a very small area. In the field of dermatology, laser technology has significantly improved the way in which men and women can address various skin concerns, both medical and cosmetic in nature.

In recent years, innovative lasers have been designed to correct various skin conditions and improve skin tone and texture for a healthy glow. Different wavelengths of laser energy are used to achieve specific results. Each piece of laser technology used in our practice indicates our investment into our patients, something we are proud to do. The physicians at Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia bring customized care to our patients with a variety of FDA-cleared laser and light treatments.

  • The Cutera XEO is an innovative medical laser that provides safe and effective hair removal for those with light or dark skin. This device includes longer wavelengths and a cooling hand piece for the greatest amount of comfort throughout treatments.
  • The LightSheer™ laser has also been developed specifically for permanent hair reduction. Its cooling tip has a mild anesthetic effect that improves comfort during treatment.
  • The Candela pulsed dye laser is effective in reducing redness due to rosacea, and it is used to treat port wine stains and other deeper blood vessels which consist of higher energies. The depth of laser penetration also induces collagen formation and rejuvenation of skin.
  • By using the Palomar system of optimized pulsed light, we help patients safely and effectively decrease the appearance broken capillaries and sun damage. The dual-band spectrum of this system has been proven to affect deeper vessels and pigment for better results.
  • Fractional laser treatments with the Palomar 1540 can greatly improve the look and feel of the skin on the face, neck, chest, hands, or other areas. This safe, effective treatment may be used to treat sun damage, pigmentation problems, acne and surgical scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.



Laser Hair Removal Video