Psoriasis Clinical Trials

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  • Corrona Protocol PSO-500: A Phase 4 study of the comparative safety of approved psoriasis therapies in a national cohort of psoriasis subjects treated by dermatologists. Compares systemic psoriasis therapies that are available for prescription.  |  Learn More »  |  Request to Join This Study »

  • Abbvie Protocol M19-164: A Phase 3b, Multicenter, Interventional, Open-label Study of Adult Subjects With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Who Have a Suboptimal Response to Secukinumab or Ixekizumab and Are Switched to Risankizumab.  |  Learn More »  |  Request to Join This Study »

  • Corrona Psoriasis Registry: Any adult patient who started a biologic therapy in the past year, or is being prescribed a biologic therapy, is eligible! Patients come to the Rockville office every 6 months for 8 years will receive a $25 gift card.  |  Learn More »  |  Request to Join This Study »


Active / Not Enrolling

  • ESPRIT Chronic Plaque Psoriasis Registry: A 10-year registry of patients taking HUMIRA® for Psoriasis. Patients who volunteer to participate will be asked to provide information about their medical history and experiences with HUMIRA®. No registry-specific testing will be performed. Patients will be asked to provide data on their experiences with HUMIRA® approximately every 6 months, or as determined by the study doctor. No drug will be provided as a result of participation in the registry. All treatment decisions are independent of participation in the registry.  |  Learn More »  |  No Longer Enrolling

  • Celgene Protocol 826652: A Phase 4, open-label study of the effects of apremilast on vascular inflammation and cardiometabolic function in psoriasis. For adult patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.  |  Learn More »  |  No Longer Enrolling

  • Lilly Protocol I6T-MC-AMAH: A Phase 3, multicenter, long-term extension to evaluate the long-term safety and maintenance of treatment effect of LY3074828 (il-23 inhibitor) in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis who have previously completed participation in I6T-MC-AMAH.  |  Learn More »  |  No Longer Enrolling


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