Happy Mother’s Day! 7 Doctor Moms Who Are Both Powerhouses In the Home and at the Office

May 9, 2019

Navigating a successful professional career is always challenging — regardless of your background or personal life. But when you’re also a mother, finding that delicate balance between work and parenthood can be a staggering feat. A keen capability to multitask paired with a flexible-yet-focused attitude make working moms the fearless leaders that we’ve all come to know and love.

As a writer in the beauty industry, I’m endlessly inspired by women working in the field of aesthetics. Not only are they trailblazers in their profession, but also beloved mothers within their families. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we decided to celebrate the following roster of working moms. These powerful women rule the roost at home and in the office, giving all of us the ultimate motivation to keep climbing in the workplace — regardless of our parenting status. Read on!

Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Pruett

Based in Dallas, Texas, dermatologist Dr. Lisa Pruett is balancing a demanding family life (she’s got four kids!) and a successful career at Trinity DermatologyTM, the practice where her dermatologist husband works as well.

“I have two boys who are 15 and 13, and two girls who are 8 and 4,” she says. “[Four kids] means four different schools, four different activity schedules, four uniquely different individuals who challenge me in different ways.”  With such a hectic schedule, Dr. Pruett forced herself to figure out exactly how to keep her personal life and professional life as stress-free as possible — all while keeping her skin looking fresh.

Spotlyte: At what point in your career did you become a mom?

Dr. Pruett: I had my oldest one month after I graduated from medical school. I can remember him moving around like crazy when I was sitting on the graduation floor when everyone was clapping.

Spotlyte: How did having kids affect your career?

LP: Honestly, being a doctor was always something I wanted, even as a little girl, so having kids didn’t change that mindset for me at all. I had my second child in my dermatology residency, and then I had my girls after I was in private practice in Dallas. So, I’ve added a child in each stage of my career, and it’s all been a learning experience.

Source: Spotlyte – Happy Mother’s Day! 7 Doctor Moms Who Are Both Powerhouses In the Home and at the Office

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